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Re: FR whodunnit mystery

Post by JQM-Helios » Thu Feb 13, 2020 11:32 am

I am seriously at loss for words now. Let's try to make sense of the primitive mind of the creators and perpetrators of FR. As usual, analyse some info, see some mugshots, and other people who got prosecuted for following the directions on the site.
A theory doing the rounds now is that the creator of FR is either dead or severely ill. I hope not, although there is one piece of information which I have learned recently. The creator of FR is a Thomas Daly Davidson. And recently I have received word that all his email is being forwarded to a different person. A person whose name is John Dickson.
I put these URL side-by-side on purpose. If you look carefully, it is obvious that they are at least suspiciously similar. It therefore puts John Dickson, John 'Wedge' Wardlaw and the other friends which can be seen here:
Highly suspicious of being the co-conspirators of Thom Davidson. So, if we are right, these are the mugshots of the people who started this mess down below in the first place. Everyone who has loved Hyperion, admire the mugs responsible for putting it in grave danger now.
Recently, I have received word that Michael Taylor was horrified at how Hyperion looks now. I am intensely displeasured to say that what I have been fearing for a long time has been happening to Hyperion. The group of alkies shown below have left human waste all over the place near Hyperion, as well as toilet paper, so they have been using Hyperion as a toilet before embarking on an illegal ascent of the poor tree. One of them climbed to the very top of the tree and started swinging around there. This group of idiots thankfully just got prosecuted for it. This is in some ways a thousand times worse than the Grove of Titans, and happened because the five friends above and Thom Davidson leaked the location of the spectacular tree!
FR is doing real damage to the trees, and by dragging out the names of perpetrators I hope to expose FR and force them into shutting their website down. Damage has already been done, but if they stop now, it will be limited. At least, a human toilet at the base of Hyperion is better than Hyperion falling into Fog Canyon. And although it is no longer the world's tallest tree, a loss like that would be sickening, and complete FR's utter failure.
I also would like to share information here on who I believe was responsible for framing Mario, at least who did it on city-data. His user name is Montclarion from Oakland. He was always acting strangely, and suddenly began accusing Mario. Recently, I found out that Montclarion is CHARLES WOHL, a Physics professor and database administrator.
What is especially strange is that this Wohl and another leaker who first leaked the location of Hyperion on city-data, totallyawesometruthsayer, or totallyawesometroll as we like to call him, quit at the same time as each other, shortly after I began making a renewed effort to crack down on this utter idiosynchronocy. And totallyawesometroll and Montclarion were both supportive of FR and responsible for several leaks. It is obvious Wohl is part of FR.
Everyone, admire the idiots responsible for this morbid story: Thom Davidson, John Dickson, John 'Wedge' Wardlaw, the three other friends, Alvaro Santoro, and Prof. Charles Wohl. Let's hope the idiots who got prosecuted prosecute the owners of FR, and let's keep this up to destroy FR, just like it is destroying Hyperion.

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