Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area

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#1)  Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area

Postby a_blooming_botanist » Wed Jun 15, 2016 9:19 pm

I suppose I should have started a new topic for the swamp white oak that I reported on the other day since it isn’t actually in Oxbow NWR. Having found an even bigger SWO in the Lancaster portion of Bolton Flats WMA today, it seems appropriate to start a new thread for this site.

Walking down the tractor road the other day I noticed the silhouette of a large tree several paces back in the woods, but I could barely see enough of it in detail to identify it to species or see if it was still living. Because the undergrowth foliage is so dense I had to spend a little while today trying to find a place from which to shoot the height. The best I could do was to find a spot on the tractor road where I could shoot the top sprig as well as the top of my walking stick leaning against the trunk as a distinctive reference point. As this swamp white oak is forest-grown, it stands a good 14.3 feet above its cornfield compadre.

Here are the best photos I could get, followed by the stats:

Bolton Flats SWO - attempt at full shot.jpg
This was the best I could do to capture most of the tree in one shot. It's the big one lurking in the background.

Bolton Flats SWO - top.jpg

Bolton Flats SWO - middle.jpg

Bolton Flats SWO - bottom.jpg

Bolton Flats SWO - trunk 1.jpg

Bolton Flats SWO - trunk 2.jpg

Height: 77.5’
CBH: 181.1” (15.1’)
Average crown spread: 78.5’
Big tree points: 278.2


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#2)  Re: Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area

Postby Lucas » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:04 pm

Likely a regen tree dating to the the 1800's.
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