Delta National Forest McCain Bayou Cypress

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Delta National Forest McCain Bayou Cypress

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:28 pm

NTS- NTS- After I measured all those beautiful trees at the Joe Blount Trail I ate lunch and then drove north to a Bridge at McCain Bayou, a small waterway that crosses the main roadway in this region of Delta National Forest.
Bridge at McCain Bayou.jpg
I had noticed some really large Cypress here on an earlier visit and had the time to look around some before I had to leave. Wow I found a really large Cypress on the northeastern side of the Bayou and only 150 yards from the road. This whopper measured in at CBH-22' 2" and Height-115.5'.
Cypress 2a.jpg
It was one of two trees and one of the two had been cut long ago evident from the large hollow stump beside its twin.
Cypress 2c.jpg
This becomes the largest Cypress on land that I have measured in Ms to date. Only the 4 or 5 I measured in the Pascagoula Mgt Area last year would be of this stature.I then walked over to the western side of the Bayou where another large Cypress grew and it is clearly visible from the bridge at only 50 yards. I was like OMG! i]It was not as tall but had a little larger trunk.
Cypress 3c.jpg
This Cypress measured CBH 25'-27' with a 99' Height. I had to get in the water to measure its trunk and could only reach so far, but I feel like I was really close with these numbers.
Cypress 3a.jpg
Cypress 3.jpg
The Delta National Forest is filled with Cypress along the small waterways that are throughout and should have many more trees such as these. Larry

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