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Belgium Trees and Forests Links

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Belgium: Forests and Trees
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Mammoetbomen in de Benelux [Sequoia's in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg] by Tim Bekaert ... nelux.html Aangezien de mammoetboom (Sequoiadendron) pas in het midden van de 19e eeuw werd ontdekt, zijn de bomen bij ons nog niet oud genoeg om de afmetingen te evenaren die deze bomen halen in hun natuurlijk verspreidingsgebied. Toch zijn de grootste exemplaren in België, Nederland en Luxemburg al erg indrukwekkend. Language: Dutch. Country: Belgium, Luxemburg, and Netherlands. Accessed: January 15, 2009.

Forests of Belgium ... of_Belgium Ardennes forest, Hallerbos, Silva Carbonaria, Sonian forest.

The Organization for Forests in Belgium (VBV) ... ws/VBV.asp is proud to announce its participation in the Billion Tree Campaign. Our goal is to plant one million trees in the area of Flanders, located in the northern part of Belgium. This densely populated and industrialized region has one of the lowest forest percentages of Europe, and our aim is to help remediate this poor record. Language: English. Country: Belgium.. Accessed: January 15, 2009.

Forests, Parks and Nature Reserves in Wallonia ... /1500.html The Walloon forest is particularly varied and balanced. It owes its diversity to its history, its geographical locations and its current management combining production and tourist appeals. These different factors contribute to the structuration of the Walloon forest in a mosaic of varied plantings. These mostly consist of broad-leaved trees, 53 of which indigenous essences, representing 52% of the Walloon forest. In total, the Walloon flora counts 355 forest species. Language: English. Country: Belgium.. Accessed: January 15, 2009.

SONIAN FOREST INFORMATION CENTRE This centre came into existence through the co-operation between the Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment, the service 'Waters en Bossen' and the Free University of Brussels (V.U.B.), the research unit 'General Botany and Nature Management' (APNA) in particular. Language: Dutch French German English. Country: Belgium.. Accessed: January 15, 2009.

Caesarsboom (West Flemish: Caesar's Tree) is a very old tree whose precise age is unknown but is believed to be over 2000 years in age. The ancient tree grows in Lo, a town in Lo-Reninge, a municipality of the West Flanders region of Belgium. Its species is Taxus baccata, common name European Yew. The tree is designated a national monument of Belgium.According to a long-held local legend, Julius Caesar stopped at this tree during his military campaign in the area en route to Britannia in 55 BC, tied his horse to it, and took a nap in the shadow of its foliage.
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