Rucker Comparisons

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Sat Jun 06, 2020 12:24 pm


I noticed you E. hemlock for the Northeast. Dale Luthringer's last measurement of the Seneca Hemlock in Cook was 147.5 feet.

Phenomenal job.

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Jun 08, 2020 2:53 pm

Eastern North America Rucker

I thought I came across a 150+' Norway spruce but I haven't been able to relocate it. If any errors or omissions exist, let me know.

RHI 5 = 184.38' 56.20m
RHI 10 = 176.08' 53.67m
RHI 15 = 170.92' 52.09m
RHI 20 = 167.09' 50.92m
RHI 30 = 161.93' 49.35m
RHI 40 = 157.81' 48.10m
THI 50 = 154.13' 46.97m

1. white pine 207.0' Boogerman Trail, GSMNP, NC
2. tuliptree 191.9' Fork Ridge, GSMNP, NC
3. yellow buckeye 177.6' Elk River, WV
4. E Hemlock 173.1' Nellie Cove, GSMNP, NC
5. loblolly pine 172.3' Congaree NP, SC
6. black locust 171.8' Bradley Fork, GSMNP, NC
7. red hickory 168.2' Lee Branch, SC
8. white ash 167.1' Big Branch, GSMNP, NC
9. bitternut hickory 166.3' Tamassee Knob, SC
10. sycamore 165.5' Big Creek, GSMNP, NC

11. pignut hickory 162.3' Savage Gulf, TN
12. Biltmore ash 162.2' Elkmont, GSMNP, TN
13. sand hickory 160.8' Savage Gulf TN
14. cherrybark oak 160.2' Congaree NP, SC
15. Shumard oak 157.6' Congaree, NP, SC
16. sweetgum 157.0' Congaree NP, SC
16. red oak 157.0' Davidson River, Pisgah NF, NC
18. red spruce 155.3' Fork Ridge, GSMNP, NC
19. cottonwood 154.4' Meeman-Shelby, TN
20. shagbark hickory 154.2' Savage Gulf, TN

21. mockernut hickory 153.7' Winding Stairs Trail, SC
22. chestnut oak 153.6' Tamassee Knob, SC
23. white basswood 153.2' Fall Creek Falls, TN
24. red pine 152.4' Hartwick Pines MI
25. black cherry 152.2' CVNP, OH
26. cucumbertree 151.9' Baxter Creek Trail, GSMNP, NC
27. sugar maple 151.0' Greenbrier, GSMNP, TN
28. Norway spruce 150.5' Buckland, MA
29. shortleaf pine 149.2' Abrams Creek, GSMNP, TN
30. white oak 148.6' Tamassee Knob, SC

31. baldcypress 148.0' Congaree NP, SC
32. London planetree 146.8' Wissahickon, PA
33. pitch pine 146.4' West Fork Chattooga, GA
33. green ash 146.4' Wissahickon, PA
35. European larch 146.0' Buckland, MA
36. black oak 145.2' Tamassee Knob, SC
37. willow oak 144.9' Ocmulgee Flats, GA
38. black walnut 144.3' Cosby, GSMNP, TN
39. red maple 143.2' Elkmont, GSMNP, TN
39. Am beech 143.2' Savage Gulf, TN

41. red elm 142.5' Lee Branch, SC
42. overcup oak 142.4' Congaree NP, SC
43. dawn redwood 141.1' Longwood Gardens, PA
44. swamp chestnut oak 140.3' Congaree NP, SC
45. Am basswood 139.0' 42.36m Rickett's Glen and Ohiopyle, PA
46. scarlet oak 138.9' Tanglewood, NC
47. mountain silverbell 138.6' Big Creek, GSMNP, NC
48. Am elm 137.6' Savage Gulf, TN
49. water hickory 137.2' Congaree NP, SC
50. pin oak 136.5' Delta NF MS

51. Nuttall oak 136.0' Noxubee NF, MS
52. Virginia pine 136.0' West Fork, Chattooga, GA
53. s. shagbark hickory 135.3' Red Mountain, AL

Of the top 52 on the Rucker Index list by state:

South Carolina 15
Tennessee 12
North Carolina 11
Pennsylvania 4
Georgia 3
Massachusetts 2
Mississippi 2
West Virginia 1
Ohio 1
Michigan 1
Alabama 1

By site:

Congaree NP 8
Savage Gulf 5
Tammassee Knob 4
Wissahickon 2
West Fork Chattooga 2
Buckland 2
By family:

beech/oak 13
hickory/walnut 8
pine 6
ash 3
magnolia 2
elm 2
maple 2
sycamore 2
linden/basswood 2
redwood 2
spruce 2
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:29 pm

Erik, Jared, Elijah, Bob, and Larry,
I want to keep this going. I have another part of it I’m working on this week, but next week I want to get into RHI 20s for each of the eastern states. A few states might be a bit of a challenge to get 20, so an RHI 10 would do nicely. Is anyone interested in taking a few states and running with it? Some states have outliers that won’t appear on any of the Rucker list so it would involve checking most reports per state. Any help would be appreciated. Just respond with whichever states you intend to do. Thanks

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Tue Jun 09, 2020 3:30 pm

Megasite Comparison

updated 9/3/20

I got a little creative with this grouping. I'm using some sites that have been used before for comparison. Some areas experience geographical overlap, so this is not a strict ranking in any sense. The Chattooga River is included in both the Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment and the Georgia Blue Ridge (and the Chattooga River). The Chattooga Watershed is more comprehensive than the Chattooga River. Mary-Del-Penn (I'm open to a better name), is a collection of parks in close proximity in and west of Philadelphia, encompassing parts of three states.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

RHI 5 = 182.28' 55.55m
RHI 10 = 171.28' 52.20m
RHI 20 = 160.22' 48.83m

1. white pine P. strobus 207' 63.09m Boogerman Trail R
2. tuliptree L. tulipifera 191.9' 58.49m Fork Ridge R
3. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 173.1' 52.76m Nellie Cove R
4. black locust R. pseudoacacia 171.8' 52.36m Bradley Fork R
5. white ash F. americana 167.1' 50.93m Big Branch R
6. sycamore P. occidentalis 165.5' 50.44m Big Creek R
7. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 162.2' 49.43m Elkmont R
8. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 160.1' 48.79m Elkmont
9. yellow buckeye A. flava 157.3' 47.94m Webb Cove
10. N red oak Q. rubra 156.3' 47.64m Welch Branch R2

11. red spruce P. rubens 155.3' 47.33m Fork Ridge R
12. cucumbertree M. acuminata 151.9' 46.30m Baxter Creek Tr R
13. pignut hickory C. glabra 151.4' 46.14m Abrams Creek
14. sugar maple A. saccharum 151.0' 46.02m Greenbrier R
14. white basswood T. heterophylla 151.0' 46.02m Big Creek
16. shagbark hickory C. ovata 149.5' 45.56m Abrams Creek
17. sweetgum L. styraciflua 147.9' 45.08m Big Creek
18. black cherry P. serotina 146.2' 44.56m Elkmont
19. black walnut J. nigra 144.3' 43.98m Gabes Mtn Tr R
20. red maple A. rubrum 143.2' 43.64m Elkmont R

Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment
RHI 5 = 173.36' 52.91m
RHI 10 = 163.63' 49.87m
RHI 20 = 155.35' 47.35m

1. white pine P. strobus 185.8' 56.63m Cliff Creek
2. tuliptree L. tulipifera 177.6' 54.13m Foothills Tr/Musterground Rd
3. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 168.9' 51.48m East Fork Chattooga R
4. red hickory C. ovalis 168.2' 51.26m Lee Branch R
5. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 166.3' 50.68m Station Cove R
6. N red oak Q. rubra 155.4' 47.36m Tamassee Knob
7. mockernut hickory C. alba 153.7' 46.84m Winding Stairs Tr R
8. chestnut oak Q. montana 153.6' 46.81m Tamassee Knob R
9. black locust R. pseudoacacia 153.4' 46.75m Wadakoe Mtn
9. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 153.4' 46.75m Wadakoe Mtn

11. pignut hickory C. glabra 152.6' 46.51m Wadakoe Mtn
12. sweetgum L. styraciflua 151.4' 46.14m Tamassee Knob
13. cucumbertree M. acuminata 149.0' 45.41m Laurel Gap
14. white ash F. americana 148.7' 45.32m Station Cove
15. white oak Q. alba 148.6' 45.29m Tamassee Knob R
16. shortleaf pine P. echinata 148.5' 45.26m Tamassee Knob R2
17. pitch pine P. rigida 146.4' 44.62m West Fork Chattooga R
18. black oak Q. velutina 145.2' 44.25m Tamassee Knob R
19. red elm (slippery) U. rubra 142.5' 43.43m Lee Branch R
20. white basswood T. heterophylla 137.9' 42.03m Tamassee Knob

Cumberland Plateau & Gorges
RHI 5 = 167.84' 51.15m
RHI 10 = 160.33' 48.86m
RHI 20 = 150.61' 45.90m

1. white pine P. strobus 179.7' 54.77m Red River Gorge KY
2. tuliptree L. tulipifera 172.0' 52.42m Cumberland Falls KY
3. red hickory C. ovalis 164.4' 50.11m Savage Gulf TN
4. pignut hickory C. glabra 162.3' 49.47m Savage Gulf TN R
5. sand hickory C. pallida 160.8' 49.01m Savage Gulf TN R
6. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 156.5' 47.70m Savage Gulf TN
7. shagbark hickory C. ovata 154.2' 47.00m Savage Gulf TN R
8. white basswood T. heterophylla 153.2' 46.69m Fall Creek Falls TN R
9. N red oak Q. rubra 150.1' 45.75m Savage Gulf TN
9. sweetgum L. styraciflua 150.1' 45.75m Savage Gulf TN

11. mockernut hickory C. alba 147.5' 44.95m Savage Gulf TN
12. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 146.7' 44.71m Savage Gulf TN
13. Am beech F. grandifolia 143.2' 43.64m Savage Gulf TN R
14. chestnut oak Q. montana 139.6' 42.55m Savage Gulf TN
15. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 138.4' 42.18m Savage Gulf TN
16. Am elm U. americana 137.6' 41.94m Savage Gulf TN R
17. yellow buckeye A. flava 137.4' 41.88m Savage Gulf TN
18. sugar maple A. saccharum 136.0' 41.45m Savage Gulf TN
19. so shagbark hickory C. ovata australis 135.3' 41.24m Red Mountain AL R
20. sycamore P. occidentalis 132.9' 40.50m Savage Gulf TN

Georgia Blue Ridge
RHI 5 = 161.44' 49.20m
RHI 10 = 154.11' 46.97m
RHI 20 = 146.16’ 44.55m

1. white pine P. strobus 185.8' 56.63m Cliff Creek
2. tuliptree L. tulipifera 165.9' 50.56m Sosebee Cove
3. sand hickory C. pallida 156.9' 47.82m Sand Branch
4. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 149.3' 45.50m Cliff Creek
4. pignut hickory C. glabra 149.3' 45.50m Cliff Creek
6. N red oak Q, rubra 149.1' 45.44m Sand Branch
7. chestnut oak Q. montana 148.5' 45.26m Sand Branch
8. pitch pine P. rigida 146.4' 44.62m West Fork Chattooga R
9. sweetgum L. styraciflua 145.6' 44.37m Panther Branch
10. sycamore P. occidentalis 144.3' 43.98m Spoilcane Creek

11. shortleaf pine P. echinata 144.2' 43.95m West Fork Chattooga
12. mockernut hickory C. alba 141.6' 43.16m Sand Branch
13. white oak Q. alba 140.0' 42.67m Panther Branch
14. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 138.3' 42.15m Panther Branch
15. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 137.9' 42.03m Tallulah Gorge
16. black cherry P. serotina 137.8' 42.00m Cohutta Wilderness
17. yellow buckeye A. flava 137.1' 41.78m Sosebee Cove
18. white basswood T. heterophylla 136.4' 41.57m Panther Branch
19. Virginia pine P. virginiana 136.0’ 41.45m West Fork Chattooga R
20. black locust R. pseudoacacia 132.9' 40.50m Spoilcane Creek

Congaree NP
Coastal Plain
RHI 5 = 160.14' 48.81m
RHI 10 = 151.72' 46.24m
RHI 20 = 142.42' 43.41m

1. loblolly pine P. taeda 172.3' 52.51m R
2. cherrybark oak Q. pagoda 160.2' 48.82m R
3. shumard oak Q. shumardii 157.6' 48.03m R
4. sweetgum L. styraciflua 157.0' 47.85m R
5. sycamore P. occidentalis 153.6' 46.81m
6. baldcypress T. distichum 148.0' 45.11m R
7. willow oak Q. phellos 144.7' 44.10m R2
8. overcup oak Q. lyrata 142.4' 43.40m R
9. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 141.1' 43.00m
10. swamp chestnut oak Q. michauxii 140.3' 42.76m R

11. water hickory C. aquatica 137.2' 41.81m R
12. Am elm U. americana 135.0' 41.14m
13. water oak Q. nigra 134.0' 40.84m R
14. sugarberry C. laevigata 133.6' 40.72m R
15. tuliptree L. tulipifera 133.0' 40.53m
16. green ash F. pennsylvanica 132.7' 40.44m
17. water tupelo N. aquatica 132.3' 40.32m R
18. persimmon D. virginiana 131.4' 40.05m R
19. winged elm U. alata 131.1' 39.96m R
20. E cottonwood P. deltoides 131.0' 39.92m

Nantahala NF'/ Gorges St Pk/ Toxaway Game Lands/S Nantahala Wilderness/Joyce Kilmer/Slickrock
RHI 5 = 162.02' 49.38m
RHI 10 = 151.44' 46.15m
RHI 20 = 142.14' 43.32m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 184.5' 56.23m Barkers Creek
2. white pine P. strobus 176.3' 53.73m Joyce Kilmer
3. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 155.0' 47.24m Joyce Kilmer
4. cucumbertree M. acuminata 147.3' 44.89m Joyce Kilmer
5. white basswood T. heterphylla 147.0' 44.80m
6. pignut hickory C. glabra 142.4' 43.40m
7. black locust R. pseudoacacia 141.1' 43.00m
7. yellow buckeye A. flava 141.1' 43.00m
9. N red oak Q. rubra 139.9' 42.64m
10. white ash F. americana 139.8' 42.61m

11. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 139.3' 42.45m
12. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 138.1' 42.09m Foothills/Musterground
13. sweetgum L. styraciflua 136.9' 41.72m Foothills/Musterground
14. sycamore P. occidentalis 136.8' 41.69m
15. white oak Q. alba 136.5' 41.60m
16. chestnut oak Q. montana 134.4' 40.96m
17. red maple A. rubrum 130.4' 39.74m Foothills Tr
18. Am beech F. grandifolia 129.5' 39.47m Foothills/Musterground
19. mockernut hickory C. alba 126.5' 38.55m
20. sugar maple A. saccharum 120.1' 36.60m

Pisgah Ranger District/WNC Arboretum
RHI 5 = 159.54' 48.62m
RHI 10 = 151.23' 46.09m
RHI 20 = 143.88' 43.85m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 170.8' 52.06m King Creek
2. white pine P. strobus 167.5' 51.05m East Horse Cove
3. N red oak Q. rubra 157.0' 47.85m East Horse Cove R
4. pignut hickory C. glabra 152.1' 46.36m Horse Cove
5. mockernut hickory C. alba 150.3' 45.81m Horse Cove
6. red hickory C. ovalis 146.8' 44.74m East Horse Cove
7. black locust R. pseudoacacia 142.7' 43.49m Looking Glass Rock
8. white basswood T. heterophylla 142.3' 43.37m Horse Cove
9. cucumbertree M. acuminata 142.0' 43.28mHorse Cove
10. red maple A. rubrum 140.8' 42.91m Looking Glass Rock

11. chestnut oak Q. montana 140.3' 42.76m Saddle Gap
12. white ash F. americana 139.7' 42.58m Horse Cove
13. white oak Q. alba 139.6' 42.55m Avery Creek Tr
14. sycamore P. occidentalis 138.8' 42.30m Sycamore Flats
15. loblolly pine P. taeda 138.2' 42.12m WNC Arboretum
16. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 138.0' 42.06m Looking Glass Rock
17. Am beech F. grandifolia 137.2' 41.81m Looking Glass Rock
18. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 133.9' 40.81m Davidson River
19. black oak Q. velutina 130.1' 39.65m Davidson River
20. dawn redwood M. glyptostroboides 128.9' 39.28m WNC Arboretum

Mary-Del-Penn (Fair Hill/Brandywine/Winterthur/Longwood/White Clay/Ridley Ck/Laurel Preserve/Rushton
Woods/Smedley/Tyler/Wissahickon/Chesapeake GS)
RHI 5 = 155.38' 47.36m
RHI 10 = 150.97' 46.01m
RHI 20 = 143.20' 43.64m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 167.2' 50.96m Chesapeake GS
2. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 156.1' 47.58m Wissahickon
3. white pine P. strobus 154.1' 46.97m Wissahickon
4. N red oak Q. rubra 150.1' 45.75m Flint Creek
5. sycamore P. occidentalis 149.4' 45.53m Wissahickon
6. white ash F. americana 148.7' 45.32m Brandywine
7. London planetree P. x acerifolia 146.8' 44.74m Wissahickon R
8. green ash F. pennsylvanica 146.4' 44.62m Wissahickon R
9. pignut hickory C. glabra 145.8' 44.44m Fair Hill
10. black oak Q. velutina 145.1' 44.22m Chesapeake GS R2

11. white oak Q. alba 144.7' 44.10m Fair Hill
12. dawn redwood M. glyptostroboides 141.1' 43.00m Longwood R
13. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 138.8' 42.30m Wissahickon
14. Am basswood T. americana 138.2' 42.12m Ricketts Glen R2
15. mockernut hickory C. alba 134.6' 41.02m Ridley Creek
16. black walnut J. nigra 134.2' 40.90m White Clay
17. scarlet oak Q. coccinea 132.5' 40.38m White Clay
18. red hickory C. ovalis 131.5' 40.08m Rushton Woods
19. shagbark hickory C. ovata 131.0' 39.92m Ridley Creek
20. chestnut oak Q. montana 127.8' 38.95m Ridley Creek

Pisgah Grandfather Ranger District
RHI 5 = 159.52' 48.62m
RHI 10 = 150.90' 45.99m
RHI 20 = 143.97' 43.88m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 183.0' Point Lookout Tr
2. white pine P. strobus 170.3' Armstrong Creek
3. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 150.7' Skiffley Ck
4. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 147.4' Waterfall Creek
5. N red oak Q. rubra 146.0' N Fork Big Ivy
6. yellow buckeye A. flava 142.9' Green Ridge
7. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 142.7' Sugar Cove Creek
8. chestnut oak Q. montana 142.5' Bee Tree Creek
9. white oak Q. alba 141.8' Woods Mountain
10. pignut hickory C. glabra 141.5' Elk Pen Tr

11. red hickory C. ovalis 140.4' Kitsuma Tr
12. sycamore P. occidentalis 139.7' Point Lookout Tr
13. black walnut J. nigra 138.9' Lead Mine Gap
14. white basswood T. heterophylla 138.0' Green Ridge
14. cucumbertree M. acuminata 138.0' N Fork Big Ivy
16. black cherry P. serotina 137.9' Green Ridge
17. Saul's oak Q. x saulii 136.2' Skiffley Ck R
18. sugar maple A. saccharum 135.0' N Fork Big Ivy
19. white ash F. americana 133.6' Walker Cove
20. black locust R. pseudoacacia 132.7' Mineral Creek

Allegany Highlands (Zoar Valley, Letchworth St Pk, Allegany St Pk)
Measurers: Elijah Whircomb, Erik Danielson
RHI 5 = 157.62' 48.04m
RHI 10 = 150.38' 45.83m
RHI 20 = 140.59' 42.85m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 163.5' 49.83m ZV
2. sycamore P. occidentalis 160.2' 48.82m ZV
3. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 157.5' 48.00m ZV
3. white pine P. strobus 157.5' 48.00m AG
5. pignut hickory C. glabra 153.4' 46.75m LW
6. N red oak Q. rubra 146.8' 44.74m ZV
7. Norway spruce P. abies 145.0' 44.19m AG
8. white ash F. americana 143.5' 43.73m ZV
9. red hickory C. ovalis 142.7' 43.49m LW
10. E cottonwood P. deltoides 142.2' 43.34m ZV

11. shagbark hickory C. ovata 140.5' 42.82m LW
12. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 135.3' 41.24m ZV
13. Am basswood T. americana 132.5' 40.38m ZV
14. cucumbertree M. acuminata 131.8' 40.17m LW
15. black cherry P. serotina 131.2' 39.99m ZV
16. sugar maple A. saccharum 130.2' 39.68m ZV
17. red maple A. rubrum 128.6' 39.19m ZV
18. American elm U. americana 127.2' 38.77m ZV
19. black walnut J. nigra 126.7' 38.61m ZV
20. black oak Q. velutina 126.2' 38.46m LW
20. black maple A. nigrum 126.2' 38.46m ZV

Chattooga River Watershed
RHI 5 = 159.82' 48.71m
RHI 10 = 150.01' 45.72m
RHI 20 =138.91' 42.34m

1. white pine P. strobus 185.8' 56.63m Cliff Creek
2. E hemlock Ts. camadensis 168.9' 45.50m East Fork Chattooga
3. pignut hickory C. glabra 149.3' 45.50m Cliff Creek
4. white ash F. americana 148.6' 45.29m East Fork Chattooga
5. tuliptree L. tulipifera 146.5' 44.65m Burrells Ford Rd
6. pitch pine P. rigida 146.4' 44.62m West Fork Chattoga R
7. shortleaf pine P. echinata 144.2' 43.95m West Fork Chattooga
8. black locust R. pseudoacacia 137.9' 42.03m Burrells Ford Rd
9. N red oak Q. rubra 136.4' 41.57m Cliff Creek
10. Am beech F. grandifolia 136.1' 41.48m East Fork Chattooga

11. Virginia pine P. virginiana 136.0' 41.45m West Fork Chattooga R
12. sweetgum L. styraciflua 131.9' 40.20m Camp Branch
13. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 131.5' 40.08m Camp Branch
14. mockernut hickory C. alba 131.0' 39.92m Camp Branch
15. white basswood T. heterophylla 129.1' 39.35m Camp Branch
16. white oak Q. alba 128.6' 39.19m Camp Branch
17. Biltmore ash F. biltmoreana 125.2' 38.16m Overflow Creek
18. scarlet oak Q. coccinea 124.5' 37.94m Cliff Creek
19. chestnut oak Q. montana 120.9' 36.85m Overflow Creek
20. red hickory C. ovalis 119.5' 36.42m Burrells Ford Rd

The Emerald Necklace (CVNP & Cleveland & Akron Metroparks, Holden Arboretum)
RHI 5 = 153.82' 46.88m
RHI 10 = 146.97' 44.79m
RHI 20 = 138.39' 42.18m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 172.0' 52.42m CVNP
2. sycamore P. occidentalis 154.9' 47.21m CVNP
3. black cherry P. serotina 152.2' 46.39m CVNP R
4. N red oak Q. rubra 146.0' 44.50m CVNP
5. London planetree P. x acerifolia 144.0' 43.89m CVNP
6. E cottonwood P. deltoides 143.4' 43.70m CVNP
7. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 141.8' 43.22m CVNP
8. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 140.4' 42.79m CVNP
9. white ash F. americana 139.3' 42.45m North Chagrin
10. Freeman maple A. x freemani 135.7' 41.36m Rocky River R

11. Am basswood T. americana 135.2' 41.20m North Chagrin
12. black walnut J. nigra 133.0' 40.53m CVNP
13. cucumbertree M. acuminata 132.0' 40.23m CVNP
14. white pine P. strobus 131.3' 40.02m Holden Arboretum
15. black oak Q. velutina 129.0' 39.31m CVNP
16. red elm (slippery) U. rubra 128.6' 39.19m North Chagrin
17. white oak Q. alba 128.2' 39.07m Rocky River
18. sugar maple A. saccharum 127.7' 38.92m North Chagrin
19. black gum N. sylvatica 127.5' 38.86m North Chagrin
20. Am elm U. americana 125.7' 38.31m North Chagrin

Washington, District of Forests, (DC plus close in forests in VA and MD)
Measurers: Darian Copiz, Colby Rucker, Will Blozan, Gaines McMartin
RHI 5 = 151.60' 46.20m
RHI 10 = 146.19' 44.55m
RHI 20 = 137.91' 42.03m

1. tuliptree L. tulipifera 165.2' 50.35m Turkey Run
2. red hickory C. ovalis 152.1' 46.36m Turkey Run
3. sycamore P. occidentalis 150.0' 45.72m Turkey Run
4. white oak Q. alba 145.8' 44.44m Belt Woods
5. N red oak Q. rubra 144.9' 44.16m Belt Woods
6. sand hickory C. pallida 142.9' 43.55m Belt Woods
7. green ash F. Pennsylvanicum 142.6' 43.46m Turkey Run
8. black oak Q. velutina 143.4' 43.70m Belt Woods
9. pignut hickory C. glabra 138.7' 42.27m Turkey Run
10. black walnut J. nigra 136.3' 41.54m Turkey Run

11. scarlet oak Q. coccinea 135.8' 41.39m Turkey Run
12. mockernut hickory C. alba 135.3' 41.24m Turkey Run
13. chestnut oak Q. montana 134.3' 40.93m Rock Creek
14. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 132.5' 40.38m Turkey Run
15. Am beech F. grandifolia 131.3' 40.02m Turkey Run
16. Am basswood T. americana 128.5' 39.16m Turkey Run
17. white ash F. americana 126.3' 38.49m Rock Creek
18. white pine P. strobus 124.8' 38.04m Turkey Run
19. black cherry P. serotina 123.9' 37.76m Rock Creek
20. sweetgum L. styraciflua 123.7' 37.70m Whites Woods

Bald Mountains, NC and TN
Measurers: Josh Kelly, Michael Davie, Jess Riddle, Brian Beduhn
RHI 5 = 151.96' 46.31m
RHI 10 = 145.17' 44.24m
RHI 20 = 137.82' 42.00m

1. tuliptree Liriodendron tulipifera 164.1' 50.01m Dry Branch, NC
2. white pine Pinus strobus 158.8' 48.40m Laurel Creek, NC
3. Biltmore ash Fraxinus biltmoreana 150.7' 45.93m Skiffley Creek, NC
4. red oak Quercus rubra 143.3' 43.67m Green Ridge, NC
5. yellow buckeye Aesculus allegheniensis 142.9' Green Ridge, NC
6. pignut hickory Carya glabra 140.9' 42.94m Dry Branch, NC
7. white basswood Tilia heyerophylla 138.0' 42.06m Green Ridge, NC
8. black cherry Prunus serotina 137.9' 42.03m Green Ridge, NC
9. white ash Fraxinus americana 137.6' 41.94m Green Ridge, NC
10. sycamore Platanus occidentalis 137.5' 41.91m Green Ridge, NC

11. Saul's oak Quercus x saulii 136.2' 41.51m Dry Branch, NC
12. E hemlock Tsuga canadensis 135.9' 41.42m Clarks Creek, TN
13. white oak Quercus alba 135.4' 41.27m Rocky Bluff, NC
14. sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua 135.3' 41.24m Sampson Mtn Wilderness, TN
15. shagbark hickory Carya ovata 133.7' 40.75m Dry Creek, NC
16. sugar maple Acer saccharum 129.7' 39.53m Green Ridge, NC
16. mockernut hickory Carya alba 129.7' 39.53m Dry Branch, NC
18. chestnut oak Quercus montana 125.9' 38.37m Skiffley Creek, NC
19. black locust Robinia pseudoacacia 124.3' 37.88m Rocky Bluff, NC
20. red hickory Carya ovalis 119.4' 36.39m Rocky Bluff, NC

Adirondack Mountains
Measurers: Bob Leverett, Jared Lockwood, Erik Danielson, Elijah Whitcomb, Rob Everett
RHI 5 = 134.58' 41.02m
RHI 10 = 125.86' 38.36m
RHI 20 = 116.98' 35.65m

1. white pine P. strobus 166.5' 50.75m
2. tamarack L. laricina 131.6' 40.11m R
3. white ash F. americana 131.2' 39.99m
4. red pine P. resinosa 123.0' 37.49m
5. white spruce P. glauca 120.6' 36.75m
6. E hemlock Ts. canadensis 119.5' 36.42m
7. sugar maple A. saccharum 119.4' 36.39m
8. white oak Q. alba 116.2' 35.41m
9. red spruce P. rubens 115.5' 35.20m
10. pitch pine P. rigida 115.1' 35.08m

11. Am basswood T. americana 114.5' 34.90m
12. red maple A. rubrum 114.3' 34.83m
13. pignut hickory C. glabra 110.4' 33.65m
14. bigtooth aspen P. grandidentata 109.2' 33.28m
15. black cherry P. serotina 109.0' 33.22m
16. balsam fir A. balsamea 108.7' 33.13m R
17. bitternut hickory C. cordiformis 105.8' 32.24m
18. black birch B. lenta 105.1' 32.03m
19. Am elm U. americana 104.0' 31.70m
20. yellow birch B. allegheniensis 100.1' 30.51m
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Thu Jun 11, 2020 12:37 pm


The 150-foot Norway Spruce grows in Buckland State Forest in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. In the past, it was measured by John Eichholz and later by Jared Lockwood. It needs to be re-measured, but you can carry it as 150 feet for now. It would represent Massachusetts' only entry.

Robert T. Leverett
Co-founder, Native Native Tree Society
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Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by ElijahW » Mon Jun 15, 2020 8:50 am


Again, very impressive; I know this represents a lot of work: Thank you.

As for individual states, NY is pretty easy; I keep a spreadsheet that's up to date (as far as I know). I'll also see what I can do for VA.


RHI 5 = 160.22
RHI 10 = 152.06
RHI 15 = 146.92
RHI 20 = 143.25

1. Eastern White Pine 166.5' Ampersand Mt.
2. Tuliptree 163.5' Zoar Valley
3. Sycamore 160.2' Zoar Valley
4. Bitternut Hickory 157.5' Zoar Valley
5. Pignut Hickory 153.4' Letchworth State Park
6. Northern Red Oak 145.1' Zoar Valley
7. Norway Spruce 145.0' Allegany State Park
8. Red Hickory 143.8' Robert H. Treman State Park
9. Eastern Hemlock 143.1' Fischer Old Growth Forest Natural Area
10. White Ash 142.5' Zoar Valley

11. Eastern Cottonwood 142.2' Zoar Valley
12. Shagbark Hickory 141.0' Ellison Park
13. Sugar Maple 133.6' Liverpool School Maple Grove
14. American Basswood 133.3' Green Lakes State Park
15. Red Maple 133.1' Ellison Park
16. Freeman Maple 133.1' Fuertes Bid Sanctuary
17. Black Cherry 132.5' Allegany State Park
18. Black Oak 132.1' Rockefeller State Park Preserve
19. Cucumber Magnolia 131.8' Letchworth State Park
20. Hybrid Larch 131.6' Balsam Mt.

VA (Should be substantially higher, especially for E. White Pine)

RHI 5 = 155.66
RHI 10 = 149.28
RHI 15 = 145.99
RHI 20 = 142.89

1. Tuliptree 173.1' Ragged Mt. Natural Area
2. Northern Red Oak 156.0' Ragged Mt. Natural Area
3. Red Hickory 152.1' Turkey Run Park
4. Sycamore 150.0' Turkey Run Park
5. Southern Red Oak 147.1' Caledon State Park
6. Bald Cypress 144.7' Carters Grove
7. Black Oak 142.8' Caledon State Park
8. Green Ash 142.6' Turkey Run Park
9. Pignut Hickory 142.3' Caledon State Park
10. Eastern White Pine 142.1' Ragged Mt. Natural Area

11. Chestnut Oak 141.5' Ragged Mt. Natural Area
12. Mockernut Hickory 141.4' Caledon State Park
13. White Oak 140.6' Turkey Run Park
14. Shortleaf Pine 137.3' Ragged Mt. Natural Area
15. Black Walnut 136.3' Turkey Run Park
16. Cherrybark Oak 136.3' Caledon State Park
17. Scarlet Oak 135.8' Turkey Run Park
18. Bitternut Hickory 132.5' Turkey Run Park
19. Sweetgum 132.0' Caledon State Park
20. American Beech 131.3' Turkey Run Park


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:42 am


Thanks for getting the numbers together! I saw that numbers were pretty up to date for New York. I wasn't going to start there because you and Erik have been all over updating New York and you've been busy with Virginia as well over the past few years. This project has been so much fun, but it will be winding down soon, and then I'll just keep up with new finds, and some older numbers may emerge. I cannot access the Google Groups posts. There are undoubtedly some good numbers for several areas ( The Smokies and Natantahala NF come to mind).

Do you have any other ideas for date projects? Summer is the best time for crunching numbers as measuring slows to a crawl.


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:27 am

I just wanted to add some thoughts on where I think the Megasite Ruckers are heading. I'm going to refrain from comment on The Emerald Necklace and Mary-Del-Penn, as I haven't surveyed forest in those domains with the exception of North Chagrin.

GSMNP easily has the highest Rucker, despite being smaller in area than several of the other Megasites. Much of the park is in need of remeasurement. I've spent a lot of time in the Big Creek area and will continue to do so. A few new Smokies records have been found there recently. As mind boggling as The Smokies numbers are, I see them increasing in the near future.

The Southern Blue Ridge Escarpment has been well measured over the past five years. Numbers are still increasing. Despite a number of species approaching their assumed maximums, numbers should continue to increase, just not at the same pace as they have recently.

The Cumberland Plateau is in need of remeasurement and of more measurement. Several public areas have gorges similar to Savage Gulf. Savage Gulf's trees should be taller for many species already and I would expect the other gorge sites to contribute at the very least to the RHI 20.

The Georgia Blue Ridge has a number of unmeasured wilderness sites. I don't know what will be found at these sites. Jess has kept up with LiDar, so I would assume that most of the quality sites have been checked. Numbers should still increase slightly.

Congaree NP is much smaller than the Megasites but I included it for comparison because it holds more records than anywhere outside of the Smokies. Many species have attained their maximums so I don't expect much change in the numbers. Many large trees that were champions have fallen since their discoveries. As Will has stated, Congaree grows big and grows quickly. Most species max out at 150 years or so, especially bottomland oaks. Baldcypresses live much longer, as do loblollies.

Nantahala NF is in need of remeasurement. Also, many older numbers from Google Groups are now inaccessable. Some may resurface in the near future. Nantahala's numbers are understated in what I've presented, so I can't draw too many conclusions about them.

Pisgah Ranger District has been well covered as of late but a few spots remain for remeasurement. I expect numbers to creep up slightly.

Grandfather Ranger District is still undermeasured. I hope to remedy that next year but it will depend on how much time I have as the best spots are long hikes into and out of.

The Chattoga Watershed is well measured. Some of the tallest species may inch upward a bit. I would expect the supporting RHI 20 trees to increase more than the RHI 5 trees.


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:47 pm

This next list is for the Eastern US Rucker. I do not know that these are all current as some measurers have not been posting recently. This is the best that I can come up with at this time. I've gone over all of the posts and consulted the Maxlist and various other state maxlists. I do know of a couple of species that have higher numbers but I don't have the information so they will be updated when I receive the info.

I'll start with trees native to the US and Canada, then follow it up with an exotic list and then a combined one. I'm moving the hybrids to a list on this same entry.

updated 8/10/20

207.0’ 63.09m white pine Pinus strobus Caldwell Fork, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Leverett
191.9’ 58.49m tuliptree Liriodendron tulipifera Fork Ridge, GSMNP, NC Breckheimer, Kelly, Blozan, Davie
177.6’ 54.13m yellow buckeye Aesculus flava Elk River, WV Sharp
173.1’ 52.76m Eastern hemlock Tsuga Canadensis Nellie Cove, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Childs, Riddle
172.3’ 52.51m loblolly pine Pinus taeda Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Riddle
171.8’ 52.36m black locust Robinia pseudoacacia Bradley Fork, GSMNP, NC Davie, Riddle
168.2’ 51.26m red hickory Carya ovalis Lee Branch, SC Riddle
167.1’ 50.93m white ash Fraxinus Americana Big Branch, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Remaley
166.3’ 50.68m bitternut hickory Carya cordiformis Station Cove, Tamassee Knob, SC Riddle
165.5’ 50.44m sycamore Platanus occidentalis Big Creek, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Beduhn

162.3’ 49.46m pignut hickory Carya glabra Savage Gulf, TN Davie, Riddle
162.2’ 49.43m Biltmore ash Fraxinus biltmoreana Elkmont, GSMNP, TN Blozan, Davie
160.8’ 49.01m Sand hickory Carya pallida Savage Gulf, TN Riddle, Davie, Blozan
160.2’ 48.82'm cherrybark oak Quercus pagoda Congaree NP, SC Coyle, Riddle, Blozan
157.6’ 48.03m Shumard oak Quercus shumardii Congaree, NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Riddle
157.0’ 47.85m sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua Congaree, NP, SC Riddle, Blozan, Riddle
157.0’ 47.85m N red oak Quercus rubra East Horse Cove, NC Beduhn
155.3’ 47.33m red spruce picea rubens Enloe Creek, GSMNP, NC Riddle, Davie
154.4’ 47.06m E cottonwood Populus deltoides Meeman-Shelby, TN Blozan, Riddle
154.2’ 47.00m shagbark hickory Carya Ovata Savage Gulf, TN Riddle, Davie

153.7’ 46.84m mockernut hickory Carya alba Winding Stairs Trail, SC Riddle, Beduhn
153.6’ 46.81m chestnut oak Quercus montana Tamassee Knob, SC Riddle
153.2’ 46.69m white basswood Tilia heterophylla Fall Creek Falls, TN Riddle, Blozan
152.4’ 46.45m red pine Pinus resinosa Hartwick Pines, MI Bidlack
152.2’ 46.39m black cherry Prunus serótina CVNP, OH Galehouse, Radivoyevitch
151.9’ 46.30m cucumbertree Magnolia acuminata Baxter Creek Trail, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Huff
151.0’ 46.02m sugar maple Acer saccharum Greenbrier, GSMNP, TN Davie?
149.2’ 45.47m shortleaf pine Pinus echinata Abrams Creek, GSMNP, TN Blozan
148.6’ 45.29m white oak Quercus alba Tamassee Knob, SC Riddle
148.0’ 45.11m baldcypress Taxodium distichum Congaree NP, SC Phillips

146.4’ 44.62m pitch pine Pinus rigida West Fork Chattooga, GA Riddle
146.4’ 44.62m green ash Fraxinus pennsylvanicum Wissahickon, PA Feio
145.2’ 44.25m black oak Quercus velutina Tamassee Knob, SC Riddle
143.2’ 43.64m red maple Quercus rubrum Elkmont, GSMNP, TN Blozan, Davie
143.2’ 43.64m American beech Fagus grandifolia Savage Gulf, TN Davie, Riddle
142.5’ 43.43m red (slippery) elm Ulmus rubra Lee Branch, SC Beduhn
142.4’ 43.40m overcup oak Quercus lyrata Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Blozan, Riddle
141.1’ 43.00m pecan Carya illinoiensis Newport, TN Davie
140.3’ 42.76m swamp chestnut oak Quercus michauxii Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Coyle
139.0’ 42.36m American basswood Tilia Americana Ricketts Glen, PA Luthringer, Ohiopyle, PA Halow

138.9’ 42.33m scarlet oak Quercus coccinea Tanglewood, NC Blozan, Riddle
138.6’ 42.24m mountain silverbell Halesia monticola Big Creek, GSMNP, NC Blozan
137.6’ 41.94m American elm Ulmus Americana Savage Gulf, TN Davie, Riddle
137.2’ 41.81m water hickory Carya aquatica Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Eichholz
136.5’ 41.60m pin oak Quercus palustrus DeSoto NF, MS Tucei
136.0’ 41.45m Nuttall oak Quercus texana Noxubee NF, MS Tucei
136.0’ 41.45m Virginia pine Pinus virginiana West Fork, Chattooga, GA Riddle
135.4’ 41.27m S shagbark hickory Carya Australis Red Mountain, AL Blozan, Riddle
134.0’ 40.84m water oak Quercus nigra Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Coyle
133.6’ 40.72m sugarberry Celtis laevis Congaree NP, SC Eichholz, Blozan, Riddle

132.7’ 40.44m bur oak Quercus macrocarpa Big Oak Tree St Pk, MO Leverett
131.6’ 40.11m tamarack Larix laricina Adirondacks, NY Whitcomb
131.4’ 40.05m persimmon Dyasporos virginiana Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Riddle, Blozan
131.1’ 39.95m winged elm Ulmus alata Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Coyle
131.0’ 39.92m black gum Nyssa sylvatica WV Sharp
130.6’ 39.80m sassafras Sassafras albidum Bradley Fork, GSMNP, NC Riddle, Davie
130.4’ 39.74m Kentuckey coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicus Pioneer Mothers, IN Brown, Ruow
130.3’ 39.71m S red oak Quercus falcata Fernbank Forest, GA Dickerson
130.1’ 39.65m swamp laurel oak Quercus laurifolia Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Blozan, Riddle
129.9’ 39.59m honeylocust Gleditsia triancanthos Meeman-Shelby, TN Blozan, Riddle

129.2' 39.39m silver maple Acer saccharinum Pearson Metropark, OH Danielson
128.0’ 39.01m swamp white oak Quercus bicolor Saddlers Woods, NJ Harvey
127.6’ 38.89m white spruce Picea glauca Balsam Mountain, Catskills, NY Riddle, Whitcomb
127.0’ 38.70m slash pine Pinus elliotti Black Ck Wilderness, MS Tucei
126.5’ 38.55m bigtooth aspen Populus grandidentata Mohawk Trail, MA Leverett, Eichholz
126.2’ 38.46m black maple Acer nigrum Zoar Valley, NY Whitcomb
126.1’ 38.43m shellbark hickory Carya laciniosa Tyler Arboretum, PA S Wade
126.0’ 38.40m spruce pine Pinus glabra Bienville, NF , MS Tucei
125.8’ 38.34m water tupelo Nyssa aquatica Congaree, NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Coyle
125.6' 38.29m black willow Salix nigra Choctaw Island WMA, AR Riddle

124.5’ 37.94m chinquapin oak Quercus muhlenbergii California Woods, OH Markworth
122.5’ 37.33m hackberry Celtis occidentalis California Woods, OH Markworth
121.5’ 37.03m Fraser magnolia Magnoli fraseri Cliff Branch, GSMNP, NC Riddle, Blozan
121.3' 36.98m black birch Betula lenta Welwyn Preserve, NY Danielson
120.0’ 36.57m black ash Fraxinus nigra Clayton Co, IA Rouw
119.2’ 36.33m Florida maple Acer floridanum Radnor Lake, TN Beduhn
118.6' 36.15m pond pine Pinus serotina Cheraw St Pk, SC Phipplips
117.6’ 35.84m swamp Cottonwood Populus heterophylla Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Eichholz
116.7’ 35.57m yellow birch Betula allegheniensis Jim Branch, GSMNP, NC Blozan
115.1' 35.08m Carolina hemlock Tsuga caroliniana Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan, Beduhn

115.0’ 35.05m S magnolia Magnolia grandiflora DeSoto NF, MS Tucei
114.9’ 35.02m Durand oak Quercus sinuata Big Grocery Ck, GA Riddle
114.8’ 34.99m butternut Juglans cinerea Washingron Grove Pk, Rochester, NY Whitcomb
114.7' 34.96m longleaf pine Pinus palustris Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips
111.7’ 34.04m sourwood Oxydendron arboreum Deep Creek, GSMNP, NC Riddle, Riddle
111.3' 33.92m shingle oak Quercus imbricaria Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
110.7’ 33.74m pumpkin ash Fraxinus profunda Big Oak Tre St Pk, MO Leverett
109.2’ 33.28m nutmeg hickory Carya myristiciformis Rome, GA Riddle
108.9' 33.19m Carolina maple Acer rubrum trilobum Webb WMA, SC Riddle
108.8’ 33.16m Allegheny serviceberry Amelanchier laevis Collins Creek, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Riddle

108.7’ 33.13m balsam fir Abies balsamea Cherry Patch, Adirondacks, NY Whitcomb
108.0' 32.91m quaking aspen Populus tremboloides Stockbridge, MA Lockwood, Leverett
107.3’ 32.70m Table Mountain pine Pinus pungens West Fork Chattooga, GA Riddle
106.8’ 32.55m cedar elm Umlus crassifolia Meeman-Shelby, TN Riddle, Blozan
106.2’ 32.37m American holly Ilex opaca Cannon Creek, GSMNP, TN Riddle, Blozan
105.4' 32.12m Carolina silverbell Halesia tetraptera Camp Creek, GA Riddle
104.2' 31.76m pond cypress Tacodium ascendens Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips
103.5’ 31.54m yellowwood Cladestrius kentukea Meeman- Shelby, TN Riddle, Blozan
103.3’ 31.48m post oak Quercus stellata Overton Park, TN Blozan, Riddle
102.1’ 31.12m eastern redcedar Juniperus virginiana Croft State Pk, SC Beduhn

102.1' 31.12m river birch Betula nigra Gudgeonville, PA Luthringer
102.0' 31.08m paper birch Betula papyrifera Mohawk Trail, MA Eichholz
101.3’ 30.87m boxelder Acer negundo Meeman-Shelby, TN Riddle, Blozan
101.0’ 30.78m black spruce Picea mariana Superior Mem For, WI Tucei
99.9' 30.45m Atlantic white cedar Chamaecyparis thyoides Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips
99.4’ 30.29m bigleaf magnolia Magnolia macrophylla Rock Creek, KY Riddle, Pederson
97.5' 29.71m Northern pin oak Quercus ellipsoidalis Kensington, MI Bidlack
97.1' 29.59m black hickory Carya texana Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
96.3’ 29.35m pin cherry Prunus pennsylvanica Otter Creek, GSMNP, TN Blozan, Riddle

95.5' 29.10m Northern catalpa Catalpa speciosa Vanderbilt Estate, NY Leverett
93.0' 28.34m jack pine Pinus banksonia Wanakena, NY Whitcomb
92.7' 28.25m Ohio buckeye Aesculus glabra Swan Creek Preserve, OH Blozan
92.0' 28.04m balsam poplar Populus balsamifera private, NY Leverett
91.4’ 27.85m arborvitae Thuja occidentalis Clifton Gorge, OH Markworth
90.5' 27.58m Am chestnut Castanea dentata Tracy Ridge, PA Rand Brown
90.0' 27.43m osage orange Maclura pomifera Atanta Mem Pk, GA Dickerson
89.7’ 27.34m hophornbeam Ostrya virginiana Big Fork Ridge, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Riddle
89.6' 27.31m Northern catalpa Catalpa speciosa Durand- Eastman, NY Whitcomb
89.4' 27.24m umbrella magnolia Magnolia tripetela Clarks Creek, TN Beduhn

89.0' 27.12m live oak Quercus virginiana Iron City, GA Dickerson
88.9' 27.09m water locust Gladetsia aquatica Webb WMA, SC Riddle
86.8' 26.45m Darlington oak Quercus hemisphaerica Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips
86.0' 26.21m Southern catalpa Catalpa bignonioides James Quillen VAMC, TN Blozan
85.7’ 26.12m sweetbay magnolia Magnolia virginiana Big Tree Park, FL Blozan
82.3' 25.08m peachleaf willow Salix amydaloides River Valley OHV Area, IA Riddle
82.2’ 25.05m blackjack oak Quercus marilandica Byron, GA Riddle
82.2' 25.05m carolina ash Fraxinus caroliniana Congaree NP, SC Blozan
82.0’ 24.99m downy serviceberry Amelanchier arborea Zoar Valley, NY Danielson
81.9' 24.96m Southern redcedar Juniperus silicicola Cumberland Island, GA Riddle

79.0' 24.08m Ogeechee tupelo Nyssa ogeechee Johnson, GA Danielson
78.3' 23.86m hobblebush viburnum Viburnum alnifolia Wadakoe Mtn, SC Riddle, Riddle
77.3’ 23.56m American hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Blozan, Coyle
75.6' 23.04m red mulberry Morus rubra Rock Creek, GA Riddle
74.7’ 22.76m striped maple Acer pensylvanicum Shanty Branch, GSMNP, NC Blozan
72.7’ 22.15m sabal palm Sabal palmetto Opapka, FL Blozan
72.0' 21.94m Canaan Valley fir Abies balsamea phanerolepis Asheville, NC Blozan, Beduhn
70.9’ 21.61m Fraser fir Abies fraseri Bear Branch, GSMNP, NC Riddle
70.2' 21.39m rock elm Ulmus thomasii Dekalb, NY Whitcomb
69.8' 21.27m turkey oak Quercus laevis Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips

69.2’ 21.09m water elm Planera aquatica Moody Woods, GA Riddle, Riddle
68.3’ 20.81m redbay Persia borbonia Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Riddle, Coyle
67.4' 20.54m paw paw Asima triloba Scotts Run, VA Copiz
67.0' 20.42m two wing silverbell Halesia diptera West Asheville, NC Blozan
67.0' 20.42m grey birch Betula populifolia Shaker Lakes, OH Radivoyevitch
66.6' 20.30m chalk maple Acer leucoderme Wadakoe Mtn, SC Riddle
66.2’ 20.17m redbud Cercis canadensis Boatwright Creek, SC Riddle
62.9’ 19.17m smoketree Cotinus obovatus Pigeon Mtn, GA Riddle, Riddle
61.4' 18.71m sweetleaf Symplococ tinctoria Island Ford, GA Riddle
60.1’ 18.31m flowering dogwood Cornus florida Mark Trail Wilderness, GA Riddle

56.1' 17.10m American mountain ash Sorbus americana Fork Ridge, GSMNP, NC Riddle, Riddle
56.0' 17.07m swamp privet Foresteria acuminata Chocraw Island WMA, AR Riddle
55.1' 16.79m Alabama black cherry Prunus alabamiensis GA, Riddle
54.8' 16.70m Southern crabapple Malus angustifolia Cliff Creek, GA Blozan, Riddle
53.6' 16.33m Florida torreya Torreya taxifolia Bailey Arboretum, NY Danielson
53.4' 16.27m swamp bay Persea pubescens Lewis Island, GA Riddle, Riddle
53.4' 16.27m devil's walkingstick Aralia spinosa Mid Prong Pigeon R, GSMNP, TN Riddle, Chewning
53.0' 16.15m witch hazel Hamamelis virginiana Caldwell Fork, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Copiz
52.9' 16.12m sandbar willow Salix interior Chocraw WMA, AR Riddle
51.5' 15.69m shining sumac Rhus copallinum Congaree NP, SC Riddle

49.2' 14.99m possumhaw Ilex decidua Congaree NP, SC Riddle, Blozan, Riddle
47.0' 14.32m bear oak Quercus illicifolia Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
46.3' 14.11m downy hawthorn Crataegus mollis Belle Isle, MI Bidlack
46.1' 14.05m bumelia buckthorn Sideroxylon lycioides Big Grocery Creek, GA Riddle, Riddle
46.1' 14.05m mountain maple Acer spicatum Indian Camp Creek, GSMNP, TN Blozan, Riddle
45.9' 13.99m staghorn sumac Rhus typhina Cove Creek Gap, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Riddle
45.6' 13.89m green hawthorn Crataegus viridis Hamilton Ridge WMA, SC Riddle
45.4' 13.83m dotted hawthorn Crataegus puntata Buckaloons, Allegheny NF, PA Luthringer, Frank, Kelly
44.7' 13.62m swamp titi Cyrilla racemiflora Edisto Beach St Pk, SC Blozan
44.6' 13.59m mountain winterberry Ilex montana Highlands Biological Station, NC Riddle, Riddle

44.1' 13.44m gum bumelia Sideroxylon lanuginosum Choctaw WMA, AR Riddle
44.0' 13.41m ashe magnolia Magnolia ashei Henry Foundation, PA Wade
43.7' 13.32m Loblolly-bay Gordonia lasianthus Asheboro Zoo, NC Blozan
43.5' 13.25m hazel alder Alnus serrulata Brasstown Creek, GA Riddle
42.7' 13.01m devilwood Osmanthus amicanus Anastasia St Pk, FL Blozan
41.8' 12.74m roughleaf dogwoof Cornus drummondi Vicksburg NHP, MS Riddle
41.6' 12.68m bigfruit hawthorn Crataegus macrosperma Big Butt Trail, NC Beduhn
41.2' 12.55m Allegheny chinquapin Castanea pumila Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
40.2' 12.25m yaupon holly Ilex vomitoria Atlanta, GA Dickerson
39.9' 12.16m alternate leaved dogwood Cornus alternafloria Falls Branch, Citico Ck, NC Blozan, Riddle,Kelly

38.5' 11.73m fanleaf hawthorn Crataegus flabellata WV Snyder
38.2' 11.64m Florida nutmeg Torreya taxifolia Henry Foundation, PA Wade
37.9' 11.55m littlehip hawthorn Crataegus spathulata Big Grocery Creek, GA Riddle, Riddle
37.8' 11.52m bluff oak Quercus austrina Henry Foundation, PA Wade
37.4' 11.40m American plum Prunus americana Warren Wilson College, NC Riddle
36.5' 11.12m Allegheny chinquapin Castanea pumila Brasstown Bald, GA Riddle
36.0' 10.97m mountain laurel Kalmia latifolia Indian Camp Creek, SC Blozan
35.6' 10.85m hoptree Ptelea trifoliata Big Grocery Creek, GA Riddle
35.3' 10.76m blackhaw Viburnum prunifolium Poplar Forest, VA Blozan
35.2' 10.72m weeping hemlock Tsuga canadensis pendula Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn

35.0' 10.66m Franklin tree Franklinia altamaha Atlanta Historical Center, GA Dickerson
34.4' 10.48m buttonbush Cephalanthus occidentalis Moody Woods, GA Riddle, Riddle
33.9' 10.33m dwarf chinquapin Quercus prinoides Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
33.4' 10.18m red buckeye Aesculus pavia Altahama, GA Riddle, Riddle Meeman-Shelby, TN Riddle, Blozan
33.2' 10.11m cinnamon clethra Clethra acuminata Caldwell Fork, GSMNP, NC Blozan, Copiz
33.3' 10.15m nannyberry Viburnum lentago Kensington, MI Bidlack
33.1' 10.08m Am bladdernut Staphylea trifolia Lower Huron, MI Bidlack
33.0' 10.05m Southern bayberry Myrica cerifera Edisto Island, SC Blozan
32.0' 9.75m spicebush Lindera benzoin Swannannoa, NC Blozan
31.7' 9.66m rosebay rhododendron Rhododendron maximum Indian Camp Branch, SC Blozan

31.4' 9.57m sweet crab apple Malus coronaria Ricketts Glen, PA Koval
30.3' 9.23m choke cherry Prunus virginiana Three Mile Bay, NY Riddle
29.5' 8.99m poison sumac Toxicodendron vernix Chase Creek Woods, MD Rucker
29.4' 8.96m sparkleberry Vaccinium arboreum Cheraw St Pk, SC Phillips
29.4' 8.96m rusty blackhaw Viburnum rufidulum Rock Creek, GA Riddle, Riddle
26.8' 8.16m wafer-ash Ptelea trifoliata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
26.5' 8.08m cockspur hawthorn Crataegus crus-galli Buckhorn Island SP, NY Danielson
26.1' 7.95m Quebec hawthorn Cretaegus submollis Letchworth St Pk, NY Whitcomb
25.8' 7.86m swamp dogwood Cornus stricta Lewis Island, GA Riddle, Riddle

25.6' 7.80m possumhaw Viburnum nudura Highlands Biological Station, NC Riddle, Riddle
25.3' 7.71m mountain camellia Stewartia ovata Cooper Creek, GA Riddle
24.7' 7.52m vernal witch hazel Hamamelis vernalis Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
24.7' 7.52m clammy locust Robinia riscosa Highlands Biological Station, NC Riddle, Riddle
24.4' 7.43m catawba rhododendron Rhododendron catawbiense Sterling Ridge, GSMNP, NC Riddle
24.2' 7.37m common juniper Juniperis communis Bonaparte Fen, NY Riddle
22.9' 6.98m white fringetree Chionanthus virginicus Wood Co, WV Sharp
22.8' 6.95m bottlebrush buckeye Aesulus parviflora Red Mountain, AL Riddle, Blozan
21.8' 6.64m Southern bayberry Myrica cerifera Big Tree Park, FL Blozan
21.4' 6.52m Carolina buckthorn Frangula caroliniana The Pocket, GA Riddle, Riddle

20.5' 6.25m Am prickly-ash Zanthoxylum americanum Buckhorn Island SP, NY Danielson
20.0' 6.09m bigleaf snowbell Styrax grandifolius Crooked Creek, SC Riddle
20.0' 6.09m fleshy hawthorn Crataegus succulenta Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
20.0' 6.09m swamp azalea Rhododendron viscosum Bear Swamp, NJ Wade, Varnes, Sweeney
19.3' 5.88m arrowwood Viburnum dentatum Bunched Arrowhead HP, SC Riddle
19.3' 5.88m pungent oak Quercus pungens Henry Foundation, PA Wade
19.1' 5.82m dwarf hackberry Celtis pumila Guthrie Loop, WV Sharp
19.1' 5.82m hobble bush Viburnum lantanoides Ricketts Glen, PA Koval
19.0' 5.79m silky dogwood Cornus amomum Atlanta, GA Dickerson
18.9' 5.76m Eastern baccharis Baccharis halinifolia Georgia Perimeter College, GA Dickerson

18.6' 5.67m American hazelnut Corylus americana Warren Wilson College, NC Riddle
18.5' 5.63m common winterberry Ilex verticillata Chase Creek Woods, MD Rucker
18.2' 5.54m dwarf rhododendron Rhododendron minus Panther Creek, GA Riddle
17.0' 5.18m buckwheat tree Cliftonia monophylla Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve, UNCW, NC Beduhn
16.3' 4.96m grey dogwood Cornus racemosa Port Byron, NY Whitcomb
14.3' 4.35m Piedmont rhododendron Rhododendron canescens Atlanta Botanical Garden, GA Dickerson
13.0' 3.96m red osier dogwood Cornus sericea Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb


136.2’ 41.51m Saul’s oak Quercus x saulii (alba/montana) Dry Branch, NC Riddle
135.7' 41.36m Freeman maple Acer x freemanii (rubrum/saccharinum) Rocky River, OH Galehouse
131.4’ 40.05m Shumard hybrid Quercus x shumardii? Cane Creek, AR Riddle
130.0' 39.62m Louisiana oak (willow/cherrybark) Quercus x Ludoviciana Congaree NP, SC Blozan, Coyle, Riddle
118.7' 36.18m Beadles oak Quercus x beadlei (alba/michauxii) Cleat Creek Nature Pk, Ga Dickerson
102.9’ 31.36m Brown's hickory Carya x brownii (cordiformis/illinoinensis) Coosa River, GA Riddle, Riddle
102.5' 31.24m Lea's oak Quercus x leana (imbricaria/velutina) Monongahela, PA Halow
97.2' 29.62m bitternut/shagbark hybrid Carya laneyi (cordiformis/ovata) Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
94.9' 28.92m Bartram oak Quercus x heterophylla (rubra/phellos) Westchester Univ, PA Wade
90.0' 27.43m Bender oak (red/scarlet) Quercus x benderi (rubra/coccinea) Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn

88.2' 26.88m Bebb oak Quercus x bebbiana (alba/macrocarpa) Highland Park, NY Whitcomb
84.8' 25.84m Dunbar's hickory Carya x dunbarii (lacinisoa/ovata) Highland Park, NY Whitcomb
82.2' 25.05m Shuette's oak Quercus x shuettei (bicolor/macrocarpa) Highland Park, NY Whitcomb
77.0' 23.47m Dupont's buckeye Aesculus x worlitzensis Hagley Museum, DE Wade, Varnes
76.5' 23.32m Jack oak Quercus x jackiana (alba/bicolor) Pelham Bay, NY Danielson
76.2' 23.22m Fernow's oak (white/post) Quercus x fernowii (alba/stellata) Gardner-Webb U, NC Beduhn
64.2' 19.56m post/bur Quercus x gaudalupensis Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
60.5' 18.44m Compton oak Quercus x comptonae (Virginiana/lyrata) VA Tucei
32.3' 9.48m Bush's buckeye Aesculus x mississippiensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

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Great job! BTW, not that it matters, but John Eichholz and I share the credit for the bigtooth aspen in MTSF. It was my original discovery and was once 126.5 feet tall. Subsequently, its crown began to die back. Wh en John got to it, it was down to 126, and continued dropping from there.

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