California Bay Laurel 509 Points / 10.7 ft. dbh. Big, but ..

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California Bay Laurel 509 Points / 10.7 ft. dbh. Big, but ..

Post by mdvaden » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:02 pm

The light wasn't good for photos in the redwoods yesterday, but I met some visitors, plus some mild exploring. I noticed a hulking trunk in thick vegetation and thought it was a maple until spotting the broadleaf evergreen leaves. I grabbed by tape, and found the diameter was about 10.7 ft.. Close to 86 ft. tall. Sort of medium height. I was fairly certain there must be bigger, and when I texted Mark Graham out of curiosity, he said American Forests didn't have one listed. I returned today and found a couple pages noting a large one over 14 ft. diameter in Mendocino county. It's over 100 points more, and a bigger crown.

I was still surprised to find such a big hardwood trunk, but I don't look that hard for them. Also .. and wonder if any of you have gawked at another tree ... a redwood ...

But near Prairie Creek redwood park's north exit at Hy. 101, slightly north and about 600 ft. west of the highway, is a massive redwood trunk sticking up high above all the small new growth. I've passed it countless times meaning to take a look, but never stopped due to the parking situation or forgetting. Yesterday, I pulled off the shoulder and and went up the hill. It wasn't enormous wide. It's close to 16 ft. diameter. Little taper, so it is fairly hefty. Anyway, it was a fun part of the day to finally take care of a scrap of curiosity.

RE the Mendocino bay laurel, does anybody know if that's still alive? And why it may not be on the AF registry? And, are there other large ones people have found?
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