Laser vision reveals Queensland forests in new detail

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Laser vision reveals Queensland forests in new detail

Post by edfrank » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:02 pm

Laser vision reveals Queensland forests in new detail
Updated Fri 16 Aug 2013, 9:12pm AEST

International scientists have converged on a Brisbane forest to test the ability of new laser technology to measure vegetation and help calculate carbon absorption. ... 747560#%21
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Re: Laser vision reveals Queensland forests in new detail

Post by Joe » Wed Aug 28, 2013 8:24 am

But--- that video doesn't really say anything about their methodology-- what are they actually measuring? Tree diameters and heights? How do the measurements differ from what ENTS folks would come up with? I presume it can measure a diameter of a tree- at least that face of the tree it can see, but without going fully around the tree, the measurement won't be so great- only a rough estimate. As for heights, if the system is automated, it's not going to be able to see the tops of all the trees.

And, let's say the work is being done in a 1,000 acre forest-- how many setups will be done? It's like taking measurements with a basal area prism-- you need to know where to put the plots and how many and then do the statistical analysis.

That's a million dollar piece of equipment- is it worth it? they might get better results with all that money by carefully training people in the ENTS methods- college students, interns, volunteers.

I'm sure I'm missing something here that justifies such expense- which is why I'd like to know more about the science of this method.

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Re: Laser vision reveals Queensland forests in new detail

Post by Don » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:47 pm

I agree, they aren't doing a good job of bringing it down to lay public. From their 'animations', it appears that they can gather imagery/data across a landscape, sufficient to 'move about' in a synthetic 3D view. I'm befuddled how they got the 'flying up and down through the canopy' shots, if it wasn't some kind of synthetic 3D...I can pretty well guarantee that they had to adjust their budget for much more competent computational capacity. I don't know if Michael Taylor is monitoring this thread, but I suspect that "Structure from Motion" is involved in the 3D aspect of their laser data collection.
Back to a more mechanical solution, it was easy to imagine a Quadcopter with a miniature version of their laser device flying about throught the forest, gathering scads of data.
And how about that Aussie talking about 'cabin sequestration'?
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