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Ms Forest

Post by Larry Tucei » Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:49 am

NTS- This is from the US Forest service about Ms Forests. •Mississippi is home to some 19.4 million acres of forest land. Forest land has decreased by one percent (191,469 acres) since 2006.
•At 7.5 million acres, the loblolly-shortleaf pine forest type occupies the largest proportion of Mississippi forest land. The next most common forest-type groups are oak-hickory (4.9 million acres), oak-gum-cypress (2.5 million acres), and oak-pine (2.0 million acres).
•Overall, the majority (69 percent) of Mississippi’s forests regenerate naturally.
•FIA crews recorded 113 tree species on Mississippi forest land. Though loblolly pine accounts for 39 percent of live tree volume, hardwoods still dominate overall.
•Mississippi’s forest land contains 830 million dry tons of aboveground live-tree biomass, which equates to 415 million tons of carbon. Private landowners own 88 percent of aboveground live-tree biomass.
•Tree removals in Mississippi are, on average, about 3 percent of total standing volume per year. The growth-to-removals ratio is 1.9, which suggests that Mississippi is growing more trees than are being removed through harvest or conversion of forest land to other land uses.
•In Mississippi, mills produced 203 million cubic feet of wood residue in 2011 and used nearly 100 percent of those residues for industrial fuel, fiber products, or other uses.
Bob- I thought you might find this interesting. which equates to 415 million tons of carbon. Check their Math/ LOL

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Re: Ms Forest

Post by dbhguru » Thu Mar 22, 2018 10:13 am


Thanks for posting this. It is very difficult to know whether these state wide totals are accurate. Much of the underlying data were developed in plantation forests. Statistics from the plantations are then projected to other forests including the older ones. Their conclusions often don't apply.

I'm working on a presentation to the Hitchcock Center for the environment in Amherst next week on the untold story of carbon measuring in trees and forests.

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