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Postby Larry Tucei » Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:35 pm

NTS-    I did some hiking on the Black Creek Trail in the Wilderness Area looking to get to an area where Lidar hits where 130’+.  Black Creek Trail located in De Soto NF follows the Creek for approx... 41 miles with 10 miles of it in the Wilderness Area. The Forest is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina damage in 2005. The Forest here contains mostly Pine, mixed Oak, Maple, Gum, Cypress, Southern Magnolia, Big Leaf Magnolia, some Hickory, and Cherry. The terrain is generally flat along the Creek and sub Creeks with some fairly large Hills adjacent to the Creeks. Black Creek generally travels from northwest to southeast throughout the northwestern corner of De Soto NF.   I walked about a 1.5 miles along Beaver dam Creek north then east off trail towards the Lidar hits. I made it a ¼ mile in and turned back due to the density of the Forest from Katrina damage. I decided to walk north along the Trail to measure some Long Leaf Pines in a Grove of 100 or so trees south of Black Creek ½ Mile, 85 percent of this Grove contains Long Leaf with the remainder in Loblolly. Most of the LL Pines are in the 90-100’ range with CBH of only 5’.  
Longleaf Pine 1.jpg
Longleaf Pine
Longleaf Pine 1a.jpg
Longleaf Pine 1b.jpg
Longleaf Pine 2a.jpg
Longleaf Pine 118.5'
Longleaf Pine 2b.jpg
It did not take long before I tied my LL height record of 109.5’ CBH 5’, next another record 111’, CBH- 5.3” and finally 118.5’, CBH- 5’ 4”! I believe this might be one of the tallest LL in the state.  I continued my walk north along the Trail until it reached Black Creek where it turns east heading towards the area where a comma shaped Lake is located.
Magnolia on Black Creek.jpg
Magnolia on Black Creek
There are lots of large Oak, Magnolia, Pine, etc. along this point of the Trail. I have been on the south and west side of the lake where the Trails meets it but never on the north and east side.
Cypress at Lake.jpg
Cypress at Lake
I went off Trail north and east around the Lake finding some nice Oak, Pine and Magnolia. Most of the bigger trees are in the 3’ but not 4’ in Diameter range and not much over 120’ in height.
Spruce Pine.jpg
Spruce Pine
I measured twin Spruce Pines on the south side, one CBH-8’ and one 9’ 10” with a height of 120’ but I might not have hit the tops they are dense. The 9’ 10” is a CBH record in this region.
Water Oak.jpg
Water Oak
Sweet Gum
Magnolia .jpg
Next on the east end I saw a large Water Oak, a Sweetgum 3’ Dia. then went up the small Bluff on the north side that contained nice Oak and Magnolia.
Cypress at Lake 2.jpg
The Lake is a remote old Oxbow of the Creek with 100’ Cypress growing all around. I jumped a Deer who had been lying in the thick cover adjacent to the Lake. I did not measure many trees this trip I was more or less scouting for the larger specimens. I did run into a local Guy and his Daughter who gave me a location of some large trees south and east of here. It is in an area near an old Cemetery that has some large Hills for this region probably the tallest anywhere in South Ms. That is where I will make my next trip to. I have to come back to the Lake and go southwest and see if I can reach the Lidar hits from that direction. My total hike for the day was 8.5 miles!  Larry

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