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Mississippi - ENTS website

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http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ssippi.htm

Live Oak Project
http://www.nativetreesociety.org/projec ... iveoak.htm

Field Trips

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 4c89?hl=en
Live Oak , Ocean Springs, MS
ENTS, Went to Ocean Springs, Ms., today and measured a 20 CBH, Height-48'
and Spread-108' x 96' Live Oak. A small tree for the listing but still a
nice specimen. Growing on Lovers Lane Dr., on a Peninsula adjacent to the
entrance where Fort Bayou meets Biloxi Bay. The tree had around 18-20' of
saltwater during Katrina with little to no effect. However the house next to
the tree was destroyed, as were many in that vicinity. On the way back out
of the region I spied a huge Live Oak and lined up a visit in the future.
This tree is a 25'+CBH, I don't find many of them around here anymore I've
done them all already. Didn't have the time to measure it but can't wait to
go back soon and get it....
http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 4c89?hl=en
more » Feb 20, 2010.

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 6281?hl=en
Darlington Oak January 1, 2010

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 3e89?hl=en
Vancleave MS Live Oaks December 29, 2009

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 01c1?hl=en
Christmas Bradford Pear December 19, 2009

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... d827?hl=en
Odd Slash Pines Gulfport, MS - Oct. 25, 2009

http://groups.google.com/group/entstree ... 0a7e?hl=en
Live Oaks Gospel Singers of America and East Second
Street Oak #2, Pass Christian, MS Aug 30, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... oak_ms.htm
Thelma Dale Oak, MS July 5, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... 4-golf.htm
Live Oak Great Southern Golf Club, Gulfport, MS June 14, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... mimosa.htm
Mimosa (Silk Tree), Ocean Springs, MS May 17, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... -ocean.htm
Live Oaks, Ocean City, MS May 17, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... shiyou.htm
Ceville Shiyou Live Oak, MS

April 7, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/musing ... rvings.htm
Tree Carvings March 28, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... branch.htm
Labranche Live Oak, Ocean Springs, Ms

March 22, 2009
http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... rypalm.htm Canary
Island Palm, MS Bay St. Louis

March 5, 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... veland.htm
Waveland Mississippi Live Oak March 1, 2009 x

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ands_n.htm
Loblolly Pine in Southern MS - Gulf Islands National Seashore

Feb 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... y_oaks.htm
Live Oak Project - Richards Oaks; Ramsey Springs Cemetery Oak

Feb 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ngs_ms.htm
Live Oak Project - Ocean Springs

Jan 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... refuge.htm
Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge

Jan 2009

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ristia.htm
Wrought Iron and Pass Christian Oaks

Sept 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/projec ... 080921.htm
Live_Oak_Project_20080921.htm Sept 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... gustav.htm
Hurricane Gustav

Sept 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ry_oak.htm
Delisle Cemetery Oak

Aug 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... nty_ms.htm
Lizana Oak, Harrison County, MS

July 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... _champ.htm
Southern Magnolia national champ

April 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ort_ms.htm
Gulfport MS Cottonwoods

April 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/specie ... pines1.htm
Gautier MS long Leaf Pines March 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... s_2008.htm
Spring Flowers March 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/myths/ ... he_oak.htm
Ring-in-the Oak Legend Feb 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... e_oaks.htm
USM Coast Campus Live Oaks Feb 2008 http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... e_oaks.htm

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... chenes.htm
Point Aux Chenes, Ocean Springs MS Feb 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... in_oak.htm
Kell Martin Oak, Jackson, MS

Jan 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... oak07c.htm
Another Gulfport Live Oak Oct 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... aurigi.htm
Maurigi's Oak, Bay St. Louis, MS Sept 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Holden Oak, Biloxi, MS

July 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ypress.htm
Co-Champion Baldcypress, Skylake, and Sweetgum RNA, MS

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ivioak.htm
Olivioak, Gulfport, MS

July 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... istian.htm
Delisle and Pass Christian Live Oaks

June 19, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... istian.htm
Gulfport and Pass Christian Live Oaks

June 15, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... lfport.htm
Gulfport, MS

June 07, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... gnolia.htm
Handsboro Southern Magnolia Sept 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... st_for.htm
Katrina Damage to Gulf Coast Forests Dec 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... tlouis.htm
Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis

June 04, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... tt_oak.htm
Biloxi Live Oaks - Water St. Apartments Oak and The Lee St. Oak

May 29, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Edgewater Live Oak

May 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Long Beech Live Oaks

April 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Biloxi Live Oaks

March 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... spring.htm
Southern Spring

March 28, 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... prings.htm
Ocean Springs, MS Live Oaks/Top Ten

Feb 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... 060124.htm
Live Oaks in Mississippi 2006-01-24 Jan 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... _creek.htm
Bullen Creek

Nov 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Gulfport Live Oak

Dec 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... lfport.htm
Gulfport Live Oaks

June 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... owdown.htm
Hurricane Katrina forest blowdown Sept 2005

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... k_ages.htm
Live Oak Blowdown Ages

Oct 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... leries.htm
Live Oak Photos

Oct 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... metery.htm
Mississippi City Cemetery Live Oaks, Gulfport

Nov 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... _point.htm
Moss Point Live Oaks

March 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ve_oak.htm
Nora Fulton Live Oak, Gulfort, MS

May 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... e_oaks.htm
Ocean Springs and Biloxi Live Oaks

Jan 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... _12_04.htm
Ocean Springs, Dewey Live Oaks

Dec. 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... tlouis.htm
Ocean Springs and Bay St. Louis

June 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... er_mgt.htm
Pascagoula River Management Area, MS

Jan 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... volume.htm
Pascagoula RMA Cypress Volumes Jan 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... oaks_i.htm
Pass Christian Live Oaks

March 2008

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ue_oak.htm
Seal Avenue Live Oak, Biloxi

Dec 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ke_wma.htm
Sky Lake Wildlife Management Area

Nov 2007

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... _trees.htm
Southern Magnolia, Greene County

Nov 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... nville.htm
Talahalla Wildlife Management Area & Bienville Scenic Pines

Dec 2006

http://www.nativetreesociety.org/fieldt ... ih_oak.htm
Walkaih Live Oak - MS State Champion Oak

June 2008

Green Ash Research Natural Area, in Delta National Forest,
Mississippi (Sharkey County): seventy acres of virgin bottomland hardwood
forest dominated by Nuttall oak, American elm, and green ash. The Delta
National Forest is located in the deltaic floodplain of the Mississippi
River. Situated in the west-central part of the state, it is about 15 miles
north of Vicksburg and near Interstate 20. It is one of the few hardwood
forests remaining in the Mississippi Delta and the ONLY bottomland hardwood
National Forest in the nation. http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/miss/

"Old King Shortleaf"
http://www.samlindsey.com/logging/old_boss.asp THE WORLD’S LARGEST PINE
A Graphic Story About ‘Old Boss” as Told by Albert R. Israel of the S.P.A.
“Old Boss”, the world’s largest pine tree, was grown in the G. M.; N.
territory, near Louisville, in Winston county, Mississippi. It was cut by
the Legan & McClure Lumber Co., Estes, and was shipped out over the G. M. &
N. in the finished state. It stood 120 feet high, was 91 feet to the first
limb and measured seven feet and three inches across the stump. It was four
feet and one inch through at the first limb.
Forest Legacy Documents http://www.mfc.state.ms.us/
Forest Legacy Chapter 1-6 and Appendix 100 pages (5.3 MB)
Forest Legacy Appendix 118 pages (3.7 MB)
National Forests in Mississippi - Possible Old Growth in Mississippi
http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/mississippi/for ... owth_data/
http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/mississippi/for ... owth_data/
The Nature Conservancy
http://www.nature.org/pressroom/ip/abou ... sippi.html
http://www.nature.org/pressroom/ip/abou ... sippi.html
Southern Forests Conservation Project
http://www.nature.org/wherewework/north ... ssissippi/
http://www.nature.org/wherewework/north ... ssissippi/
"I love science and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awe by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and revigorate it." by Robert M. Sapolsky


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