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Postby pierce » Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:58 pm

Boot lake Scientific and Natural Area is located in Anoka County MN. I discovered this SNA through research on the MNDNR SNA program. Following this trip to Boot Lake I talked with Lee Frelich at the U of MN and he had noted that his team had measured this area also. The date of our trip was 3/8/14 my partner in measurement was an Arborist buddy named Charley Ertz. This was Chucks first adventure in tree measuring. He claims to have enjoyed himself.

Boot lake report.pdf
Boot lake Report
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2014 was a long cold winter. We set out early in the morning to get some fun in and to get home at the promised time... Even in March we were sinking in the snow up to our thighs. The field we crossed looked solid but every once in a while we broke through.

Me using LRF to measure a tree

The area that was chosen to explore was done so through a review of Google earth and Google Maps. Canopy structure and shadow evaluation showed us to this area. I would post a picture of the the site but the website says no. I will try another way later.

First tree we measured was White Pine #1: CBH=9' 8" Ht= 112'( I believe we misread the LRF) is probably closer to 98' -a guess based on the neighboring tree.

white pine 1 appears to be tallest tree

Second tree was named Log 2 : CBH= 10' 1.5"  Ht= 98'  This tree had a really neat structure and some large lower branches.

Log 2

3rd tree: Name=Tall CBH=7' 3.5"  Ht= 109.2'


4th tree Name: Skinny (AKA Ben Cooper) CBH=NA Ht= 107.7'  Ben Cooper is a tall skinny arborist friend of ours.


5th tree Name: Bent Log CBH=8' 6"  HT=121.5'

bent log

6th tree Name: Big Crown  CBH=8' 2.5"  HT=110.1'

Big Crown

7th Tree: unnamed CBH=NA  HT=110.7'

8th tree  Unnamed- Identified as tree across from 1st tree  CBH=7' 5.5"  HT=102.9'

Across from 1st

9th tree Name: Bent Stick  CBH=NA  HT=115.5'

10th tree Name: Tall Can  CBH= NA  HT=114'

Tall Can

The weather was cold and the snow was still deep in this area. We had to follow the deer trails, that were plentiful, to stay above the snow. Once off the deer trails we were knee deep in the woods.

We also came upon an uprooted tree. So, we figured, what better opportunity to make sure we are on track. We both looked at the fallen tree and agreed that if was probably not the tallest but was definitely in the average range for height. I grabbed the tape measure and started walking.

11th tree Name: fallen tree  CBH=NA  Ht=108'

Fallen tree

We made it out of the wood with a good hunger some nice trees measured and a fallen tree to compare our work to. Hunger was taken care of with a delicious breakfast from the world famous 5-8 club. Satisfaction in the amount of work we were able to get done, not to mention the more important part of getting out in the woods, before noon. A quick tally of the tree measurements and a fallen tree to satisfy our measurement processes. We were happy campers.

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