Hartwick Pines State Park, MI

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Postby dbhguru » Wed Jun 01, 2016 5:41 pm


 Fantastic post! The NTS measuring mission at its best. In terms of tallest accurately measured hemlock in Michigan. If I recall, Will and I measured some in the Porkies to approaching 116 feet.

 More later. Monica and I are on the road in western Tennessee headed west.

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Postby DougBidlack » Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:29 am


can't wait to hear more about the hemlocks you guys measured in the Porkies.  I imagine the species will fairly easily break 120' in MI but I'm not sure beyond that.  I saw several 100'+ hemlocks in Hartwick Pines and at least one or two more that were likely over 110'.

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Postby Iowa Big Tree Guy » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:55 pm


I'm glad you were finally able to spend some time measuring trees at Hartwick Pines. I enjoyed reading your report very much. Congratulations on the tallest red pine! Your photograph of the tallest white pine (whole tree) that I measured in September of 2013 really shows its great height.

I was questioning my height measurements some back in 2013 when I measured trees in Hartwick Pines but it turned out that my measurements were quite good. It wasn't until I reached Hartwick Pines in September of 2013 that I realized I didn't have a memory card in my camera! I was hoping to get back and take photographs to accompany my post but it hasn't worked out to return.

It is unfortunate that the white pine I measured to be slightly taller at (162.86' = 163') is likely no longer standing. It stood in a low wet area and I suspect the trees in that part of the park have a very shallow root system which would make them more susceptible to blowing over. I don't think the tallest red pine you measured is the same tree as the tallest one I measured. I don't recall a hemlock at the base and the circumference and height measurements don't quite line up. The one I measured had a slightly larger trunk and at less than 148', I don't think it would have been able to make it up to the height of your tree in two growing seasons.

Here is a list of some of the trees I measured at Hartwick Pines back in September of 2013. I was using a Nikon 440 so I have rounded my heights to the nearest .5'.

Species              Circumference   Height    Average Crown Spread     Index

red pine                     5'8"           147.5'                  ___                    ___

white pine                11'4"            140'                   35.5'                284.875  
white pine                12'               141.5                 51.5'                285.5
white pine                11'4"            142'                    41.5'               288.375  This one has the greatest index of the white pines I measured.
white pine                10'4"            145.5'                 ___                    ___
white pine                 7'6.5"          148'                    ___                    ___
white pine                10'10"           148.5'                38'                   288
white pine                  7'5"             152'                    ___                    ___
white pine                  8'11"           152.5'                ___                    ___
white pine                  8'                154.5'                ___                    ___
white pine                  8'9"             161'                   ___                    ___   This is the tallest white pine mentioned in Doug's report.
white pine                  8'11.5"        163'                   ___                    ___   This one is likely no longer standing.

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Postby Larry Tucei » Fri Jun 03, 2016 3:22 pm

Doug-  Wow congrats on the Red Pine! The White Pine is also fantastic!  I measured some Red, Jack and White Pine in Mn and Wis but nothing like those babies!! Great post and some really nice photos!!!
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Postby AccipiterGentilis » Sun Oct 16, 2016 2:02 pm


Awesome photos and impressive heights man!!   I especially liked the 160' + tall E. White Pine photo.  That was really cool.

I just lost my draft but I was commenting on how red pine grows better in northern Michigan than southern Michigan and it is very observable when planted with white pine.  White pines in Kent county where I live will have 20' feet on similar planted red pines by the time they are about 90' tall or so here in southern Michigan where as the gap is much smaller in northern Michigan.  Red pine is a transitional forest/boreal forest species that occupies the northern realm of the temperate forest as well and the central portion of northern Michigan is definitely in the tree's comfort zone.  

Also, I just visited the Porkies and I could not find a single hemlock tree over 100 feet tall.  The trees that are in the Appalachians are in contrast way larger and it appears that there is a strong relationship between precipitation/climate there and the size they attain.  

Thanks -

Dan Morris
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