Lee Frelich Pine

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Lee Frelich Pine

Post by dbhguru » Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:02 pm

On Sunday, Monica and I went to MTSF in the 90+ degree heat. But despite the discomfort, I was singularly focused on re-measuring the Lee Frelich Pine the Algonquin Grove. It turned out to be the same as last year: 169.2 feet tall and 9.2 feet in girth. Needle drop fungus may have been the main culprit. However, the highest point this time was on the opposite side of the crown. Something may have happened to the original top. Hard to tell. There are a lot of tops. I'll return in cool weather to re-check the height.

I used both the TruPulse 200X (Sparky) and the new TruPoint 200h (Mini-Me). They agreed, but this pine needs to be measured from a h higher vantage point. It really is a job for the Tree Musketeers: Jared Lockwood, Ray Asselin, and yours truly.

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