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Postby dbhguru » Mon Dec 05, 2016 3:35 pm


My latest re-measurements are:

  Saheda: Girth = 12 feet, height = 171 feet.

  Lee Frelich: Girth = 9.2 feet, height = 167.4 feet

Based on my latest measurements, the top of New England is:

  Jake Swamp          174.0 feet
  Saheda                  171.0 feet
  Joe Norton             168.0 feet
  Lee Frelich             167.4 feet
  Tecumseh               166.8 feet
  Frank Decontie       164.7 feet
  Michael Taylor        163.9 feet
  L. Frank Decontie   163.0 feet
  John Brown            161.8 feet
  Cabin                     161.0 feet

 Average              166.2 feet

I expect that the Frank Decontie tree is now over 165, but I am unsure of the 161 for the Cabin pine. The RHTTI is not less than 166.1 (RHITT = Rucker Height Index Top Ten).

I'm not sure how many people we've reached with respect to these splendid trees. The key seems to be to form good partnerships, and I think I've just formed a new one. Kevin Podowka is the DCR management forester for the northern Berkshires. He is genuinely interested in the big trees. A native of upstate NY, he worked in the U.S. Forest Service for 20 years and has been a state forester in Florida. I have hopes of him being able to get a number of important DCR foresters interested in the Mohawk pines. By rights, they should be interested in them.

It just takes one good person on the inside and the right strategy.

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