Bryant Pine Makes 50 Meters

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Bryant Pine Makes 50 Meters

Post by dbhguru » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:57 pm


Today John Eichholz and yours truly visited the Bryant Pines. Our objective was to re-measure the Bryant Pine that John had measured to 162 feet several years ago. Well, while I wrapped my raincoat around me, John bravely navigated between the drops and with trusty laser and clinometer measured the pine again. William Cullen's noble tree now sweeps the sky at 164.0 feet above its anchored base! The Bryant Pine becomes the 7th tallest tree in Massachusetts, a not small achievement considering that it must competing with the Mohawk Trail State Forest pines.

On our return trip, we stopped in at the western HQ of the Trustees of Reservations and gave ecologist Julie Richburg the news. Others, including the director, came out and reveled in the pine's stature. Their enthusiasm was genuine.
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