Tornado brushes through Concord Mass. 8/22

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Tornado brushes through Concord Mass. 8/22

Post by AndrewJoslin » Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:42 am

At 3am this morning I was woken by a "take shelter immediately" tornado warning, a strong front was moving through eastern Massachusetts. I checked the Doppler radar on my weather app and a classic hook formation indicating potential tornadic rotation was very close to my Carlisle location. It passed a few miles south essentially running from the southwest right through the center of Concord Mass. Many trees and power lines down in the path but otherwise no personal injury reported.

I was able to determine the path this morning through various news reports that gave street addresses or street names where trees were down and roads closed. I was looking to see how close the wind event passed to notable tall trees in the area. Many large old trees in Concord are down in residential areas. The plus 130' white pine in Hapgood-Wright conservation land is the closest tall tree to the storm path, it looks like it was out of the way approximately a quarter/half mile south of the damage path. The recently discovered tall white pines in Lincoln are further from the path to the south. The 130's in Punkatasset/Estabrook are safely out of the way just to the north of the path. This wind event threaded the needle and it looks like it left the measured tall trees undamaged. When I get a chance I'll confirm whether the Hapgood-Wright tree still has its upper crown intact or not.

*NWS just confirmed it as a tornado after studying the damage patterns.

Andrew Joslin
Carlisle, MA

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