A Day in the Bluegrass, 12-12-15

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#1)  A Day in the Bluegrass, 12-12-15

Postby Matt Markworth » Sun Dec 13, 2015 2:31 pm


I always enjoy spending time in the Bluegrass, and yesterday was no exception. In the morning I attended a field event/talk by Dr. Tom Kimmerer at a privately held woodland pasture. There were some fine examples of bur oak, chinkapin oak, and blue ash - all of which are very common in the Bluegrass. Tom's recently published book, Venerable Trees, will no doubt be considered the definitive work on the woodland pastures of the Bluegrass and the Nashville Basin and is highly recommended. His focus is now turning to conservation, in an effort to work towards ensuring this unique landscape still exists for many years to come.

After the event I spent the afternoon looking in and around Lexington and measured the following trees. I wanted to keep measuring, but ran out of daylight. Take a look at the photos labelled blue ash double. One stem is straight, with the other one wrapping itself around the straight stem. I believe that over a very long period of time two stems formed a nearly round base. Another old, unusual blue ash has thick limbs touching the ground, but I couldn't get a good photo showing it very well.

I entered the bur oaks and the chinkapin oak into the lists that I'm keeping for those two species. After finishing up the list for chinkapin oak, I think the next species I'll focus on is blue ash. After that, I want to do a list on blue spruce.


13' x 82.5' blue ash.jpg
13' x 82.5' blue ash

blue ash double.jpg
blue ash double

blue ash double 2.jpg
blue ash double

blue ash with limbs touching the ground.jpg
blue ash with limbs touching the ground

15.66' CBH chinkapin oak.jpg
15.66' CBH chinkapin oak

Two bur oaks, the 18.5' CBH tree is on the right.jpg
Two bur oaks, the 18.5' CBH tree is on the right


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