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Field Trips

* Effigy Mounds - Miles Lowry Gallery ... avanna.htm

* Leverett Western Trip: Day 3 Aug 2006 ... p/day3.htm

* Leverett Western Trip: Day 4, Part 1 Aug 2006 ... /day4a.htm

* Leverett Western Trip: Day 4, Part 2 Aug 2006 ... /day4b.htm

* Iowa's Big Trees: Iowa's Big Tree program is designed to locate the largest tree of various specimens in our state. The purpose is to give special recognition to big trees, focus attention on trees in general, and have to engage in some friendly competition. For information on how to nominate and measure trees for the program and for a list of Iowa's current champion big trees check out our Big Trees of Iowa pdf document

* Living Heritage Tree Museum What is the Living Heritage Tree Museum? It is a Storm Lake City Park dedicated to planting documented seedlings and cuttings of trees associated with famous people or events.

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