Bloomington, Indiana

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Bloomington, Indiana

Post by johnofthetrees » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:08 am


After combing through Dunn Woods my appetite was whetted for Indiana trees! I rented a (very nice, made in Bloomington) bicycle and went out of town to the IU research forest and the adjacent Town of Bloomington Griffey Woods wilderness area. That was a good idea, since the ravines leading to the lake contained exceptional hardwoods and a completely different feel. Together with the heat and humidity, it reminded me of a tropical scene, minus the lianas. There were most of the species from Dunn Woods present, and with more time, it is likely that one would encounter taller examples of many of them. The area had many very large trees mixed in among the rest of the forest, so I couldn't tell much about the history. The ravine was so steep and deep that for some of the trees I didn't put out the effort to go down and measure the girth.

I also include one measurement of Bald Cypress from the campus lawn. There are quite a few large ones, and several more that have just been planted. They added an exotic feel to the scenery.

In the data below I have indicated the location of the trees, with C = campus lawns, D = Dunn Woods, G = Griffey wilderness, and I = the university forest.
The folks I met from the area were very proud of their forests, which is something I haven't found very often. I got tips about Beale Woods, the Pioneer Mothers, a very large sycamore that was about to be cut down (which i couldn't fit in time to find) and in general invitations to revisit the area. Boy, would that be fun!


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Re: Bloomington, Indiana

Post by dbhguru » Mon Jun 14, 2010 12:43 pm


Couldn't you have dug out around the roots of the sycamore and squeezed out 140 feet? Just kidding. Hmmm, maybe not.

Great report. I think Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois have many fine sites. They may be small, but the quality is there.

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