Trees in my town

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Trees in my town

Post by joell1 » Sat Jun 05, 2010 11:55 am

Out of curiosity I wanted to know how tall the trees around my house were. To measure I use a protractor and a string to find the angle, then work out the math. I went to go measure the tallest trees in the parks around town and I think there are some that could make top lists in this state. I measured one cottonwood to be around 115 feet tall, and confirmed it by measuring it at two different angles. Of course there are other trees around even taller (I know there are two cottonwoods that for sure are taller than that at the morton arboretum) but I dont have time to measure them all. Especially along the Des Plaines river trail there are oak and ash trees over 100 feet, or so it seems by eye.

I found this site a couple days ago and am posting just in case it is of any importance for the records. By the way, this is just my town and I am sure there are trees much taller around the Chicago area.

Joel Lapin

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Re: Trees in my town

Post by dbhguru » Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:51 pm


Allow me to refer you to the ENTS measuring guidelines on the ENTS website. That guideline discusses different techniques and the risks of each.

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Re: Trees in my town

Post by edfrank » Sat Jun 05, 2010 1:38 pm


Welcome to the ENTS BBS. I am glad you decided to post here. The actual materials on biggest trees the website needs to be updated and is far from complete. The biggest difficulty is that to make the list the trees need to be measured by a methodology - ether a laser rangefinder or by tree climb that will provide an accurate enough measurement to be scientifically useful. Many big tree lists accept other methods which allow more people to participate and more trees to be listed, but at the expense of accuracy. Currently our big tree data is kept in pieces by many people all over the place. We are in the process of implementing a web-based database system with the goal of consolidating all of this disparate data into a single comprehensive list that will be much more useful. But as we are a strictly volunteer group scattered all across the country (and world) all of these things take time. But we are making progress.

You are some distance north of Chicago? There are some members up that way and I would personally like to see any particularly large tree measured even if it is not the champion. Our lists in that part of the country are very limited due to the small numbers of members in that area who are measuring trees. For other areas we have pretty extensive coverage.

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