New Smokies Record Heights

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New Smokies Record Heights

Post by bbeduhn » Thu Dec 03, 2020 10:15 am

In the Dancing Sycamores Cove, I found a Smokies record sweetgum last year at 147.9'. I had trouble locating it and measuring it due to low light and the tree hiding behind a shorter sweetgum. I couldn't distinguish the crowns due to the low light when I climbed up higher. I had to settle for a close in shot which yielded just 143.6'. Fortunately, after further scanning the forest, I located another, taller sweetgum. This was also measured with a close in shot but I do believe I hit the top, as it soared straight up. This tree was missed before because the tulips and sweetgums look very similar in this cove. They are very young and very skinny. The tallest Smokies sweetgum is just 5'10" cbh.

The red elm, or slippery elm, was undermeasured last year at 135.0'. It is now 141.0'. Three others also grow right along this dry run/trickle. One is right off of the Baxter Creek Trail. It has remained consistently at 135.0'. A potential record N red oak grows in the next cove. It still has about half of its leaves. A quick shot from well below the base yielded 151.0'.

The tallest sweetgum on record is 157.0' 47.85m, at Congaree NP, SC. The tallest red elm is 142.5' 43.43m on a tributary of Lee Branch, SC.

sweetgum L. styraciflua 152.3' 46.42m

red elm (slippery) U. rubra 141.0' 42.97m

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