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Big and tall sugar pines measured on 9/20/2018

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:55 pm
by M.W.Taylor
I recently measured a few more grand sugar pines.

The first was a tall one I found on LiDAR near the mining ghost town of Deadwood. The LiDAR point cloud indicated this tree was on a bench and that it stood straight up so I had high confidence it would be accurate. The LiDAR estimate was 79m (259'). I bushwhacked to the location with big tree hunters Carl Casey and Martin Crawford. We found the tree and measured it with Trupulse200X at 258'. Unfortunately this tree died recently. The Google images from August 2017 show this tree to be living. See attached picture of point cloud and tree.

Later that day I measured a big sugar pine near HWY4 and a few miles away from the Whelan Stump (largest sugar pine ever recorded that died and was cut down recently). The volume on this newly measured sugar pine is around 5,234 cubic feet. Dbh is 9.5' and height is 221'.