More Exceptional Trees From Redwood National Park

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Re: More Exceptional Trees From Redwood National Park

Post by Don » Sat Apr 11, 2020 6:59 pm

I read with interest, your description of "leap frogging". While I have not employed such a technique, your account reminded me of my years as a surveyor, starting in 1967, with mountain transits and steel chains (old style "topo" chains) to restore BLM boundary lines from original 1880's survey notes; to the use of Total Station theodolites and electronic distance meters as recently as the 1990s. The latter equipment was used for land surveying for subdividing land ownerships. I guess my question is, what kind of accuracy would the leap frogging technique get, being as careful as you could be? And how is that determined. For my surveying, I would complete a traverse, close the loop and determine the Error of Closure. For really high accuracy surveying, I tied in to monuments that had known coordinates of known accuracy, and the engineering office would run coordinate system calculations to determine accuracy. I recognize that Total Stations/Electronic distance metering is cumbersome and I'm not recommending their use in the woods.

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