New World Record For White Fir

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Re: New World Record For White Fir

Post by ElijahW » Sun Nov 15, 2020 3:43 pm

Michael, Duncan,

Congratulations on a new record. Those are both incredible trees.

As far as Western North American fir heights are concerned, A. procera is still #1, but the group behind it seems to have bunched up quite a bit. A. concolor, A. magnifica, A. grandis, and A. amabilis all have been measured over 70 meters, correct?

In my area of NY State, Abies concolor isn't common, but you can find it if you're looking for it. The other Western firs are either absent or very difficult to find. I don't know why they aren't as widely planted as Abies concolor, and I wish it wasn't the case.

Congrats again,


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