"Thoreau Was Right: Nature Hones the Mind"

Accounts of times in which someone has had a spiritual momment or felt they were communing or were one with nature. Experiences that elicited a strong emotional response or moment of gestalt.

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"Thoreau Was Right: Nature Hones the Mind"

Post by Joe » Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:43 pm

http://www.miller-mccune.com/health/tho ... ind-26763/
Studies show nature restores our spirits, improves our thinking, keeps us healthier and probably even saner.

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Re: "Thoreau Was Right: Nature Hones the Mind"

Post by gnmcmartin » Tue Feb 01, 2011 5:30 pm


Thanks, that's a wonderful article. I always assumed that nature had powerful restorative benefits, but I also thought that it was mostly for people like me--and you, who grew up with "nature" and have an unusually well-developed appreciation of it. But, according to the research the article cites, it is for just about everyone.

One of my frustrations is the general lack of nice woodlands/natural environments in or near where most of us live. This article shows that this makes no sense, and that all of us in our various communities need to work together to create and/or preserve such places. Here in the Winchester, VA area there is a particular lack of such places, which is one of the reasons I have focused on doing what i can to preserve and/or restore the woodland at the Virginia Arboretum at the Blandy Experimental Farm.

Preserving and/or creating woodlands near where we live is not that expensive, especially considering the benefits to the health of all of us. I am a strong believer in the relative importance of community values over those that seem so dominant today, reflecting a simple "every man for himself" philosophy.


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