Taconic vista

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Taconic vista

Post by dbhguru » Sat May 22, 2010 8:10 pm


On our return trip from the Dacks, Monica and I took Route #2, the Mohawk Trail. Route #2 enters Massachusetts just beyond Petersburg Pass in the Taconics. I tried to capture what I saw around me. In particular, I tried to capture the feel of the Taconics in the images that follows.

From the pass, looking east, you can just see Mount Greylock's summit with its monument in near the right edge of the image. Greylock rises to 3,487 feet above sea level and about a half of a vertical mile above the surrounding valleys.
Turning around and looking back into New York, the Taconics gradually peter out and become a plateau. The next image shows the terrain.
Looking to the north, the forest is in a slow state of recovery. It has been brutalized by pass generations. However, there are charming little spots and some great views, but no big trees along the Taconic Crest Trail. In September, Monica and I plan to hike the Taconic Crest Trail. we will often begin from Petersburg Pass.
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