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Re: This and that

Post by dbhguru » Fri May 14, 2010 12:47 pm


I am finished (for better or worse) preparing my two presentations to be given at a fund raiser for the Charlemont Inn tonight and tomorrow night. I bought an Epson 84+ LCD projector to give PowerPoint presentations, so I don't have to rely on others for equipment that is often finicky with MACS.

For all who contributed images toward the presentation (Steve, Ed, Larry, etc.), thanks a bunch. I will give full credit to each contributor. This initial presentation is just step one in a long-term project and one that will no doubt lead to many customized presentations representing the range of photographic skills and experiences of the membership. After I perfect the first presentation a bit more, I'll turn it over to Ed, Will, Lee, etc. to improve it further, and then we'll make it available to the membership for general use.

As I reviewed the images I found myself swelling with pride. ENTS is a maturing organization that has an enormous amount to contribute to public education on many forest fronts. The website and bulletin board are enormous successes, and promise to grow in usefulness as the ENTS database takes shape. The upcoming projects at Montpelier and Poplar Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway book initiative are illustrative of the exciting endeavors that lies ahead. They give one pause to reflect. How are we seen by others?

When I left Drs. Doug Goldman and Scott LeGreca, yesterday, it was apparent that I had made two highly valuable contacts and that we were in sync with one another. Doug knew Bruce Kershner, so we share an important association. However, it became increasingly clear that both Doug and Scott were impressed with what ENTS brings to the table, especially with the breadth and depth of our experience. They don't see us as merely an enthusiastic group of big tree aficionados, but a serious organization with specialized skills not duplicated elsewhere. We fit into a niche. I think a partnership will develop here in Massachusetts that includes their professional inputs. It will benefit me in MTSF and on other state properties. Doug's harvard affiliation doesn't hurt a bit. So, it is onward and upward.

On another note, it looks like Susan Flader is interested in our fall conference. She is an expert on Aldo Leopold. She knows Leopold's daughter quite well. Susan would make an excellent keynote speaker. Also, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has signed on to the conference. We're moving ahead. It wasn't clear that the State was going to send representation.

As I look back on FFVP and contemplate the magnitude of that effort, and what it promised, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the decision makers don't give into: (1) the monied timber interests that do no support the recommendations of FFVP, (2) the self-interest within BOF, (3) the biomass lobby, etc. But even if the State is 100% genuine, the monied interests that are determined to exploit every last square meter of public forests are not going away. There is no such thing as a permanent victory. Preservation interests must be constantly vigilant and active. But at this point, I'm willing to give EOEEA and DCR the benefit of the doubt that the FFVP initiative was conceived with genuine motives to chart a fair and balanced course with respect to the public forests. Maybe the vision pitch won't turn out to be a slick corporate promotion scheme.

Well, gotta get packed.

Robert T. Leverett
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Re: This and that

Post by Beth » Sat May 15, 2010 10:58 am

I know this is too late for your presentation but are you still wanting pics?
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