Antarctic lake find pushes known boundaries of what life can

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#1)  Antarctic lake find pushes known boundaries of what life can

Postby edfrank » Tue Nov 27, 2012 2:53 am

Antarctic lake find pushes known boundaries of what life can endure

Discovery of organisms in –13C waters under frozen surface could inform search for life on other worlds

Ian Sample, science correspondent
The Guardian, Monday 26 November 2012


Scientists have found life in an Antarctic lake that was sealed off from the outside world by a thick sheet of ice several thousands of years ago. Brine collected from boreholes drilled into Lake Vida contains scores of bacteria that clung on to life despite making their home in one of harshest environments on Earth.  The lake lies in a barren region called the McMurdo Dry Valleys, in the east of the continent. The water in Lake Vida is acidic, starved of oxygen, and so salty that it remains liquid despite its temperature hovering around the -13C mark all year round.  Researchers identified organisms from eight major groups of bacteria, among them common forms such as proteobacteria, firmicutes and bacteroidetes. Another group, the verrucomicrobia, are named for their wart-like bulges.  continued...


"I love science and it pains me to think that so many are terrified of the subject or feel that choosing science means you cannot also choose compassion, or the arts, or be awe by nature. Science is not meant to cure us of mystery, but to reinvent and revigorate it." by Robert M. Sapolsky
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#2)  Re: Antarctic lake find pushes known boundaries of what life

Postby Joe » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:49 am

I'm waiting for the day they find life on some other planet- hopefully I'll still be around for that.
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