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2010 Mongolian field season

Posted: Tue Aug 31, 2010 9:44 pm
by edfrank
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June 25, 2010 BabyCookies
We arrived in Ulaanbaatar Saturday, June 19 to a seasonably warm evening.
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July 2, 2010 “It’s like…so continental”
“It’s like…so continental”
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Mongolia on my mind… Posted on July 4, 2010
with the 2010 field season off & running, Mongolia has started moving to the front of my mind.
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Best. Rainbow. Ever. [or, everyone gets a brain worm once in a while] Posted on August 18, 2010
We are back from our >1800 km road/field trip. We drove for 2 days, conducted fieldwork for 3 days and then drove back over 2 days. We had to get back b/c Byamba has to prepare to go back to Colorado State U to begin classes on Monday.
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now for some culture Posted on August 20, 2010
yesterday was a ‘free’ day in the capitol, Ulaanbaatar
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chapter 5 of the 6chapter 2010 Mongolian field season - last P.I. standing

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Neil looked good when we left UB on Aug 21, but he was a dead man walking. We waited almost an hour to cross this bridge, as the family who keeps it in working order was busy building a new ger. As we watched and waited, several more travelers – on horseback, motorbike, car and truck – accumulated on either side of the bridge. Finally the pressure must have been too great...

Epic Stoicism
Posted on September 8, 2010
by mongolianecologyculture
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caught the Tengri bug
Posted on September 14, 2010
by mongolianecologyculture| Leave a comment
our last extended field excursion went off without a hitch. No major mishaps or illnesses to report. Well, I did catch the Tengri bug.
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the one that got away…for now
Posted on September 20, 2010
the main portion of the 2010 field season went out like a lamb yesterday, no Mongolian pun intended. we traveled the Millennial Road to check out a site I spotted a few weeks ago and look for other sites that might help fill in a part of the northern portion of our climate network. on the third viewing from afar, it looked better than the first two. however, what we could not see was a fence on the eastern end of this rocky, elevated valley nor the chained gate on the dirt road leading into the site:
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