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Re: Bob Leverett & Matt Markworth at New England's Tallest T

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:34 pm
by RayA
Matt, Andrew, Bart,

Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words. I just replayed the YouTube version to review it, and got poor playback quality, even though the "quality" setting was correct (HD 1080p)... must have been a lousy connection.

But that complaint aside, it was a fun project, as it always is when Brother Bob is part of it (don't tell him I said that though-- his hat won't fit anymore).

We're getting close to finishing a major film project, "The Lost Forests of New England", which will tell the story of what our pre-colonial forests looked like, how our old growth remnants were rediscovered, and what they look like now. Lotsa work, but what could be better than spending your time in old growth forests? More on this when it's done.

I've not met Will yet, so I haven't witnessed his throwing prowess; but I have seen Bob throw the.... oh, never mind.