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Bird Injuries/Illnesses

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:55 am
by Jenny
If in Maine or Southern New Hampshire: In the spirit of the Martin Luther King quote about helping people and animals in need, I'm a bird rehabber! If you ever see an injured gull, pigeon, starling, sparrow, hawk,....any bird - even a baby who has fallen out of a nest and can't be replaced. Get in touch with me with the location and I'll go. For pigeons, starling, sparrows and smaller birds, you can toss a towel over them, pick them up, put them in a dark box with air holes, and keep them in a warm spot. I'll pick it up or you can drop it off with me or, if it's closer, at a rehab center. The bigger wary! Gulls beaks are fierce(almost had my lip ripped off!) and raptor talons are downright dangerous. This is a picture of a severely injured pigeon, but even a bird huddled in a corner on the ground is probably sick or injured. Don't worry about disease! If you're concerned just use the towel for contact.

pigeon rescue.JPG