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Post by dbhguru » Sun Jun 22, 2014 8:48 am


The second tool in the toolkit is attached. It is an Excel workbook that calculates crown spread using an external baseline. Don Bertolette and I hope to tie the toolkit into the American Forests Measuring Guidelines Work Group initiative by having it accessible from the American Forests website.

BTW, Michael Taylor has agreed to join us and put tools into the toolkit. None of us expect the toolkit to receive much attention now, but in time, it may grow in importance. I can see Matt Markworth's maximum dimension database and this toolkit being primary tools available to the public through a more formal AF-NTS partnership.

As better spreadsheet solutions are developed, they will be substituted for the existing ones instead of being added.

NTS-ers, Don here, sneaking in the back door, wanting to suggest that those wishing to improve their tree measuring accuracy, that we are looking for volunteer Beta testers for methods appropriate to Certifier/Cadre level.
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