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Re: Link to Virginia Tech Dendrology Lab

PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2017 4:14 pm
by dbhguru

  Thanks very much. We're just at the beginning. John Peterson s working on reports for the public. They are committed at VA Tech Dendrology to make this THE site to go to to get answers on species maximums.


Re: Link to Virginia Tech Dendrology Lab

PostPosted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:47 pm
by dbhguru

   We have 2246 records in the Superlative Native Tree Database. They represent the measurements of Dale Luthringer, Larry Tucei, Elijah Whitcomb, Erik Danielsen, Jared Lockwood, John Eichholz, Turner Sharp, Matt Markworth, and yours truly. Jess Riddle amy send a very large dataset in a month or two, and we should be receiving data from a few others including Michael Davey and Don Bragg. It is a pretty simple system to use and it has a very bright future. So, we'll push on.

    On June 16th, we'll meet at the Red Hill Plantation in Virginia for a tree-measuring workshop. Red Hill is patriot Patrick Henry's old estate. The NPS is going to give us space. All are welcome. As of now, the following attendance, confirmed and tentative is what we show.

Source                         Number    

VA Tree Hunters              6

VA Tech                
  Eric Wiseman                1
  John Peterson               1

Cadre - Confirmed
   Bob Leverett                1
   Larry Tucei                  1
   Joli McCathran             1
   Nancy Weiss                 1

Cadre - Tentative
   Jared Lockwood           1
   Erik Danielsen              1
   Jess Riddle                   1
   Brian Beduhn                1

AF HQ                              1

Potential Count
At This Time                   17


Re: Link to Virginia Tech Dendrology Lab

PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:11 pm
by dbhguru

  We now have 2479 records in the Superlative Native Tree Database. The best way to enter more than 2 or 3 records is to create an Excel import file and send it to John Peterson. The attachment provides instructions. The first worksheet gives the record layout and explains the kind of information that goes into each field. The behind the scenes SQL record layout is also given. The second worksheet is the actual template. Copy it to a new workbook and enter data, then save it to the name you want. The third worksheet is a work in progress. Data from old lists may be copied into an Excel worksheet, but then the information in each field must be in the right format. For example, your original dates might be in a format such as mm/dd/yyyy. These entries would have to be converted to an equivalent yyyymmdd. The latter would be formatted as general or numeric with zero decimal positions.