pignut hickory red hickory hybrid or bitternut?

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pignut hickory red hickory hybrid or bitternut?

Post by ediblewild » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:48 pm

I was doing some hickory research on an unidentified species i had collected and had little luck at OSU and such..i had also read an earlier post on this site discussing some pig/red hickory id issues..upon further research i came across a collection including a reference to a "Dennis Bitternut" common name , Carya Cordiformis of Iowa which most closely resembles the nuts i collected. The species i found unlike shagbark , pig or red has a very thin husk that spilts into six not three seperated pieces. Dark chocolate colored husk smooth with very tiny fine sandpaper like texture, redish nut more rounded than elongated with quite alot of oily flesh inside.found on Ridge slope with a southern exposure. a 40ft or so specimen with more of a smoother silvery grey bark...any idea's? thank you for your time, Michael.

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Re: pignut hickory red hickory hybrid or bitternut?

Post by Steve Galehouse » Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:37 am


How do the nuts taste? If edible(not bitter), certainly not bitternut. Bitternut also has a more compound leaf with slender leaflets, while the other two have broader leaflets. I think pignut, Carya glabra, and and red hickory, Carya ovalis, are very similar, but red hickory has sweeter nuts. You might not be able to ID effectively without tasting.

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