Eastern States Rucker Comparisons

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Erik Danielsen
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by Erik Danielsen » Sun Jul 05, 2020 8:22 pm

Brian, a couple others:

129.2' 39.39m silver maple Acer saccharinum Pearson Metropark, OH, Danielson
121.3' 36.98m black birch Betula lenta Welwyn Preserve, NY, Danielson

Great to see all these numbers in one place.

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:00 pm

Thanks. I was going to ask you about the Betula lenta . I knew there was a 121’ in the Northeast but couldn’t locate the post. I didn’t know about the silver maple. Thanks,

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by ElijahW » Tue Jul 07, 2020 11:53 am


I have a couple of updates:

1. The Picea glauca is a planted tree in the Catskills, not the Adirondacks. The stand was discovered by Jess Riddle. The tallest tree there is 127.6’, as of 6/21/20.

2. The Butternut listed is dead. I recently found a taller one in Washington Grove Park, Rochester, NY. It is 114.8’ tall.

3. I have a 104.6’ Quaking Aspen on Howlands Island. This is the tallest I remember seeing, but I would expect to find something taller out west.

Thanks again for your work,


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Wed Jul 08, 2020 10:47 am


Jared Lockwood and I measured a quaking aspen to 108.0 feet on a private property in Stockbridge, MA. It was in 2017. Best I issn do now.

Robert T. Leverett
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Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:45 pm

Thanks for the trees I missed.

There is a 101' white birch at Smith College. Is that a Betula papyrifera?

Bob swooped in and stole your quaking champ. I added yours yesterday and then he bumps it off the list. If it's any consolation, you have, by a country mile, the most trees on the exotic list. It isn't even close.


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:13 am


The birch at Smith College is a black birch. In terms of its white cousins, John Eichholz broke 100 feet on a white birch in Mohawk Trail State Forest years ago. I can ask him what his numbers are.

Interestingly, of yellow, black, and white. black is the clear height winner in New England, and probably across the range of these three species. I'd bet that moat people (outside of NTS) would find that conclusion very surprising.

Robert T. Leverett
Co-founder, Native Native Tree Society
Co-founder and President
Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest
Co-founder, National Cadre

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Thu Jul 09, 2020 9:41 am


Thanks. I read a line wrong. The white birch is at Mohawk, at 102', by John Eichholz.

In the south, white birch is present only above 6'000', on Mount Mitchell. It's easily the smallest of the three. Yellow birch tends to hit about 80' on a good site and 90's on excellent sites. It maxes out at 116' in the Smokies. Black is very common, with most sites topping 80'. 90' is not unusual, 100' is uncommon and 110' is rare. 118' is the tallest recorded in the South, in the Smokies.


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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Thu Jul 09, 2020 10:38 am


The epicenter of black birch development is presumably a strip going across southern New England and NY and PA. Ohio has its share also. When white pine and oak are cut up here, black birch springs up in profusion. Some years ago, I started a black birch database as you'll likely recall. In this region, I initially expected the 100-footers would only occur in a few tall tree site like MTSF. But that has not turned out to be the case. Hundred-footers are much more widely spread although on a particular site, there may be only 1 to 2 or 3. Along Broad Brook, behind our house, there are over a dozen BBS over 90 feet with one at around 107.

South of us, I expect Connecticut will prove to be a gold mine of 90 - 105-footers. So many trees, so little time.

Robert T. Leverett
Co-founder, Native Native Tree Society
Co-founder and President
Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest
Co-founder, National Cadre

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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by bbeduhn » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:54 am

It's pretty amazing what you've done with the black birch data. I'll keep the data flowing on my end.

For the exotic list, I pulled from all of the published data that I could find. The numbers are heavily skewed toward just a few sites, but these are significant sites with a crazy number of exotic species. Some are simply place holders. New York simply dominates the list, with North Carolina coming in a distant second. Older estates and arboretums are the primary spots for exotic species. Two parks and one estate represent well over half of the numbers.

I will continue this list, including species below 60', as well as update the native list with species under 60'.

updated 8/31/20

150.5’ 45.87m Norway spruce Picea abies Buckland, MA Eichholz
146.4’ 44.62m London planetree Platanus x orientalis Wissahickon, PA Feio
146.0’ 44.50m European larch Larix decidua Buckland, MA Eichholz
141.1’ 43.00m Dawn redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides Longwood Gardens, PA Sharp
131.6’ 40.11m Dunkeld larch Larix x marschlinsii Balsam Mts, NY Whitcomb
127.9’ 38.98m silver linden Tilia tomentosa Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
126.8’ 38.64m Rocky Mtn Doug fir Pseudotsuga menzii glauca Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
126.0’ 38.40m Oriental spruce Picea orientalis Highlands, NC Blozan
125.1’ 38.13m white elm Ulmus laevis Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan
124.5’ 37.94m Japanese larch Larix kaempferi Chatauqua Institute, NY Danielson

122.5’ 37.33m incense cedar Calocedrus decurrens Saluda, NC Blozan, Beduhn
122.3’ 37.27m Tree-of-Heaven Ailanthus altissima Abraham Lincoln Pk, NY Whitcomb
122.0’ 37.18m Norway maple Acer platanoides W. Foundry, NY Whitcomb
121.9’ 37.15m bird cherry Prunus avium Montpelier Estate, VA Whitcomb
121.9’ 37.15m Siberian larch Larix sibirica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
121.8' 37.12m Deodar cedar Cedrus deodara Fernback Musuem, GA Dickerson
121.7' 37.09m Dawn redwood 'Sheridan Spire' Metasequoia glyptostroboides Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
121.7' 37.09m Scots pine Pinus sylvestri Cornell Plantation, NY Whitcomb, Howard
121.0’ 36.88m Katsura tree Cercidiphyllum japonica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
119.1’ 36.30m Ginkgo tree Ginkgo biloba Inwood Pk, NY Danielson

119.1’ 36.30m Nikko fir Abies homolepis Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan, Beduhn
118.8’ 36.21m Dutch elm Ulmus x hollandica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
116.7’ 35.57m Caucasian elm Zelkova carpinofolia Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
116.7’ 35.57m Noble fir Abies procera Letchworth, NY Whitcomb
116.2’ 34.68m white fir Abies concolor Nolde Forest, PA Feio
113.8’ 34.68m European silver fir Abies alba Asheville, NC Blozan, Beduhn
111.8’ 34.07m English elm Ulmus procera Washington Square Pk, NY Danielson
111.2’ 33.89m Ponderosa pine Pinus ponderosa Letchworth, NY Whitcomb
107.2’ 32.67m Himalayan pine Pinus wallichiana Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
107.1’ 32.64m Wych elm Ulmus glabra Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn

107.0' 32.61m Nordmann fir Abies nordmannia Vanderbilt Estate, NY Whitcomb
107.0’ 32.61m grand fir Abies grandis Vanderbilt Estate, NY Whitcomb
106.6' 32.49m Pacific silver fir Abies amabilis Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
106.5’ 32.46m European linden Tilia x europaea Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
106.0’ 32.30m sawara cypress Chamaecyparis pisifera Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
105.1’ 32.03m Siberian elm Ulmus pumila Canadaway Creek, NY Danielson
105.0’ 32.00m Jeffrey pine Pinus jeffreyi Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
103.9' 31.66m Alcock spruce Picea alcoquiana Cornell Plantations, NY Whitcomb
103.5’ 31.54m Western redcedar Thuja plicata Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
103.5’ 31.54m European beech Fagus sylvatica Bailey Arboretum, NY Danielson

103.0’ 31.39m blue spruce Picea pungens St. Paul’s Cemetary, NY Howard
102.5’ 31.24m western white pine Pinus monticola Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
102.0’ 31.09m Atlas cedar Cedrus atlantica Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
101.9’ 31.06m giant sequoia Sequiadendron giganteum Robin Hill Nature Pk, NY Whitcomb
101.0' 30.78m Jersey elm Ulmus minor Sarniensis Smith College, MA Leverett
101.0’ 30.78m Greek fir Abies cephalonica Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
100.7’ 30.69m white poplar Populus alba Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
100.6’ 30.66m Austrian pine Pinus nigra Staatsburg Estate, NY Whitcomb
100.5’ 30.63m China-fir Cunninghamia lanceolata Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
100.3’ 30.57m horse chestnut Aesculus hippocastinum Vanderbilt Estate, NY Whitcomb

99.3’ 30.26m Royal pawlonia Paulownia tomentosa Carson Brook Woods, NY Danielson
98.5’ 30.02m crack willow Salix fragilis Fuertes Bird Sanctuary, NY Whitcomb
96.8’ 29.50m Algerian fir Abies numidica Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
95.2' 29.01m sugar pine Pinus lambertiana Bryn Mawr Estate, PA Wafe, Wood, Nichols
94.7' 28.86m Balm of Gilead Populus x jackii New River Gorge, WV Waldron, Judy
94.1’ 28.68m Chinese toon Toona sinensis Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
94.0’ 28.65m Turkish oak Quercus cerris Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
93.7' 28.56m Japanese redwood/cedar Cryptomeria japonica Black Mtn, NC Beduhn
93.3' 28.43m coast redwood Sequoia sempervirens Clemson Arboretum, SC Beduhn
92.6’ 28.22m raisin tree Hovenia dulcis Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb

92.5’ 28.19m sycamore maple Acer psuedoplatanus Prospect Pk, NY Danielson
92.4' 28.16m sawtooth oak Quercus altissima Clemson Botanical Garden, SC Beduhn
91.9’ 28.01m Chinese walnut Juglans x sinensis Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
89.0' 27.12m weeping willow Salix babylonica Marlinton, WV Coonley
88.8' 27.06m tiger tail spruce Picea torano McGrew House, WV Sharp
88.3' 26.91m sour cherry Prunus cerasus OH Blozan
88.2’ 26.88m narrow leafed ash Fraxinus angustifolia australis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
87.6’ 26.70m kapok tree Ceiba pendantra Edison Estate, Ft. Myers, FL Beduhn
86.8’ 26.45m European black alder Alnus glutinosa Clove Lakes Pk, NY Danielson
85.2’ 25.96m Chinese golden larch Pseudolarix amabilis Central Park, NY Danielson

84.6’ 25.78m Hinoki cypress Chamaecyparis obtusa Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
83.8’ 25.54m Ernest fir Abies ernesti Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
83.8’ 25.54m Needle fir Abies holophylla Highland PK, NY Whitcomb, Howard
83.8’ 25.54m Cappadocian maple Acer cappadocicum Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
83.5’ 25.45m Korean pine Pinus koraiensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
83.0' 25.29m European hornbeam Carpinus betulus Milton, NY Wright
83.0’ 25.29m amur corktree Phellodendron amurense Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
82.8’ 25.23m Kobus magnolia Magnolia Kobus Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
82.4’ 25.11m Douglas fir Pseudotsuga menzeii AB Tech, Asheville, NC Beduhn
80.8' 24.62m Spanish fir Abies pinsapo Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan, Beduhn

80.1' 24.41m Cedar of Lebanon Cedrus libani Montpelier Estate, VA Blozan, Riddle
79.7’ 24.29m Port Orford cedar Chamaecyparis lawsonia Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
77.6’ 23.65m Japanese pagoda Sophorica japonica Edgartown, MV, MA Beduhn
77.3’ 23.56m Macedonia white pine Pinus peuse Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
76.8' 23.40m chestnut leaved oak Quercus castaneifolia Arnold Arboretum, MA Whitcomb
76.7’ 23.37m Japanese black pine Pinus thunbergii Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
76.3' 23.25m little-leaf linden Tilia cordata Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
76.0’ 23.16m Japanese bush spruce Picea maximowiczii Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
75.6’ 23.04m weeping willow Salix x sepuleralis Fuertes Bird Sanctuary, NY Whitcomb
75.5’ 23.01m common pear Pyrus pyrafolia Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb

75.2' 23.01m silver birch Betula pendula Ox Creek Rd, NC Beduhn
75.0' 22.86m Chinaberry Melia azedarach Congaree NP, SC Phillips
73.6’ 22.43m Japanese horse chestnut Aesculus turbinata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
73.4’ 22.37m Sachlin spruce Picea glehnii Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
73.4’ 22.37m Armand pine Pinus armandi Highland Pk,NY Whitcomb, Howard
71.8’ 21.88m bigtooth maple Acer grandidentatum Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
71.5' 21.79m pendant silver linden Tilia petiolaris Wood Co, WV Sharp
71.4' 21.76m chestnut hybrid Castanea x dentata mollisima Ashbury, WV Waldron, Rossell
71.3’ 21.73m largeleaf linden Tilia platyphyllos Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
71.2’ 21.70m common ash Fraxinus excelsior Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb

70.7' 21.55m Chinese catalpa Catalpa bungei Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
70.6' 21.51m Leyland cypress Cupressus x leylandii Woodland Hills, NC Beduhn
70.6’ 21.51m Servicetree of Fontainebleu Sorbus latifolia Robin Hill Nature Park, NY Whitcomb
70.0' 21.33m Shensi fir Abies chiniensis Haverford College Arboretum, DE Wade
69.2' 21.09m Momi fir Abies firma Clemson Arboretum, SC Beduhn
67.4’ 20.54m Siebold hemlock Tsuga sieboldii Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
67.0’ 20.42m limber pine Pinus flexilus Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
66.9' 20.39m Chinese white pine Pinus armandii Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan
66.4' 20.23m Arizona cypress Cupressus arizonica Henry Foundation, PA Wade
64.6’ 19.69m English walnut Juglans regia Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb

63.8' 19.44m paperbark maple Acer griseum Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
63.6’ 19.38m castor aralia Kaloponax septembobus Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
63.5’ 19.35m Chinese pear Pyrus pyrifolia Durand-Eastman, NY Whitcomb
63.3’ 19.29m painted maple Acer mono Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
63.2' 19.26m Idesia Idesia polycarpa Taylor Arboretum, PA Wade
63.0' 19.20m Buartnut Juglans x bixby Wood Co, WV Sharp
63.0’ 19.20m Caucasian wingnut Pterocarya fraxinifolia Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
62.1’ 18.92m ivy-leaved maple Acer cissifolium Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
61.5' 18.74m Chinese lacebark elm Ulmus parviflora Missouri Botanical Garden, MO Sharp
61.0’ 18.59m Japanese linden Tilia japonica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb

61.0' 18.59m Foster holly Ilex attenuata Atlanta, GA Dickerson
60.8’ 18.53m spindle tree Euonymous bungeanus Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
60.6’ 18.47m English maple Acer compestre Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
60.6' 18.47m Chinese flame tree Koelreuteria bipinnata Milliken Arboretum, SC Beduhn
60.5' 18.44m glossy privet Ligustrum lucidum Congaree NP, SC Riddle
60.0’ 18.28m Swiss stem pine Pinus cembra Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
60.0' 18.28m European linden Tilia x Europaea Atlanta, GA Dickerson
59.8' 18.22m crape myrtle Lagerstroemia indica Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
59.4' 18.10m Nikko maple Acer nikoense Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
59.0' 17.98m Corkbark fir Abies lasiocarpa arizonica Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard

58.2' 17.74m wingnut hybrid Pterocarya x rehderiana Missouri Botanical Garden, MO Sharp
57.5' 17.52m Chinese red pine Pinus tabuliformis Arnold Arboretum, MA Whircomb
57.0' 17.37m Farges fir Abies fargensii Haverford College Arboretum, DE Wade
56.9' 17.34m Western soapberry Sapindus saponaria drummondii Missouri Botanical Garden, MO Sharp
56.7' 17.28m Sakhalin fir Abies sachalinensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
56.0' 17.06m Japanese maple Acer palmatum Welwyn Preserve, NY Danielson
55.3' 16.85m Miyabe maple Acer miyabei Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
54.8' 16.70m Japanese crape myrtle Lagerstroemia fauriei Clemson Botanical Garden, SC Beduhn
54.4' 16.58m Shikoku fir Abies veitchii Arnold Arboretum, MA Whitcomb
54.3' 16.55m Baker cypress Cupressus bakeri Arnold Arboretum, MA Whitcomb

54.2' 16.52m English yew Taxus baccata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
54.0' 16.46m Japanese white pine Pinus parviflora Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
54.0' 16.46m white mulberry Morus alba Sonneburg Gardens, NY Whitcomb
53.8' 16.39m Engelman spruce Picea engelmanni Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
53.7' 16.36m Turkish filbert Corylus colurna Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
53.6' 16.33m dragon spruce Picea asperata Arnold Arboretum, MA Whitcomb
52.7' 16.06m Chinese fringetree Chionanthus retusus Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
51.8' 15.78m Persian ironwood Parrotia persica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
51.7' 15.75m weeping European beech Fagus sylvatica pendula Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
51.3' 15.63m Ogon Dawn Metasequoia glyptostroboides Milliken Arboretum, SC Beduhn

51.1' 15.57m white bark magnolia Magnolia obovata Clemson Arboretum, SC Beduhn
51.1' 15.57m hardy rubber tree Euconmia ulmoides Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
51.0' 15.54m callery pear Pyrus calleryana Woodland Hills, NC Beduhn
50.7' 15.45m Korean evodia Tetradium danielli Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
50.6' 15.42m apple serviceberry Amelanchier grandifolia Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
50.5' 15.39m Chinese ash Fraxinus chinensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
50.5' 15.39m Japanese globe red pine Pinus densiflora Robin Hill Nature Preserve, NY Whitcomb
49.6' 15.11m European chestnut Castanea sativa Woodfin, NC Beduhn
49.4' 15.05m Japanese alder Alnus japonica Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
49.4' 15.05m Japanese stewartia Stewartia pseudocamillia Biltmore Estate, NC Blozan

49.3' 15.02m golden rain tree Koelreuteria paniculata Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
49.0' 14.93m sargent cherry Prunus sargentii Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
47.8' 14.57m Chinese evergreen oak Quercus myrsinifolia Milliken Arboretum, SC Beduhn
47.1' 14.35m smoothleaf elm Ulmus carpinifolia Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
46.8' 14.26m common apple malus x halliana Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
45.9' 13.99m Texas ash Fraxinus texensis Seneca Pk, NY Whitcomb
45.8' 13.96m Chinese chestnut Castanea mollissima Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
45.5' 13.86m Konara oak Quercus glandulifera Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
45.5' 13.86m Mongolian linden Tilia mongolica Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
45.3' 13.80m Alaska cedar Cupressus nootkatensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb

45.0' 13.71m fragrant snowbell Styrax obassia Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
44.9' 13.68m Japanese walnut Juglans sieboldiana Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
44.1' 13.44m saucer magnolia Magnolia x soulangeana Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
43.8' 13.35m lacebark pine Pinus bungeana Robin Hill Nature Park, NY Whitcomb
43.2' 13.16m giant dogwood Cornus controversa Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
42.7' 13.01m Peking lilac Syringa pekinensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
42.4' 12.92m Hondo spruce Picea jezoensis Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
41.8' 12.74m Japanese scholar tree Styphrolobium japonicum Fuertes Bird Sanctuary, NY Whitcomb
41.8' 12.74m common buckthorn Rhamnus cathartica Clark Reservation SP, NY Whitcomb
41.4' 12.61m orange bark stewartia Stewartia mondelpha Henry Foundation, PA Wade

40.6' 12.37m Japanese umbrella pine Sciadppitys verticillata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
40.0' 12.09m silktree (mimosa) Albizia julibrissin Wood Co, WV Sharp
39.9' 12.06m Japanese tree lilac Syringa reticulata Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
39.9' 12.16m Persian parrotia Parrotia persica Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
39.9' 12.16m weeping Norway spruce Picea abies pendula Biltmore, NC Beduhn
39.6' 12.07m Manchurian striped maple Acer tegmantosum Guthrie Loop, WV Sharp
38.8' 11.82m Japanese yew Taxus cuspidata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
38.6' 11.76m crabapple cross Malus x halliana Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
38.5' 11.73m devil maple Acer diabolicum Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
37.8' 11.52m Korean hornbeam Carpinus turczaninowii Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb

37.1' 11.30m Chinese maple Acer longipes Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb
36.7' 11.18m European mountain-ash Sorbus aucuparia Clemson Arboretum, SC Beduhn
36.7' 11.18m netleaf hackberry Celtis reticulata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
36.5' 11.12m galaxy magnolia Magnolia x galaxy Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
36.3' 11.06m Amur mackia Mackia amurensis Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
36.1' 11.00m Japanese tree lilac Syringa reticulata Barclay Square, PA Frank
36.0' 10.97m trident maple Acer buergeranium Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA Dickerson
35.2' 10.72m Chinese dogwood Cornus controversa Atlanta Botanical Garden, GA Dickerson
34.0' 10.36m yellow lantern magnolia Magnolia acuminata subcordata Cornell Planting, NY Whitcomb
32.9' 10.02m Chinese privet Ligustrum sinense Congaree NP, SC Riddle

31.3' 9.54m Epaulette tree Pterostyrax hispida Robin Hill Nature Park, NY Whitcomb
31.0' 9.44m divergent maple Acer divergens Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
30.3' 9.23m pinyon pine Pinus edulis Glenwood Cemetary, NY Whitcomb
29.5' 8.99m European cherry laurel Prunus laurocerasus Oakland Cem, Atlanta, GA Dickerson
28.6' 8.71m Japanese flowering cherry Prunus serrulata Quincy Hill Pk, WV Sharp
28.3' 8.62m Kousa dogwood Cornus kousa Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
28.2' 8.59m Chinese emmenopterys henryi Clemson Botanival Garden, SC Beduhn
28.0' 8.53m mugo pine Pinus mugo Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard
27.6' 8.41m Loebner magnolia Magnolia x loeberi Biltmore Estate, NC Beduhn
27.4' 8.35m star magnolia Magnolia stellata Bullingford Gardens, NC Beduhn

26.7' 8.13m European spindle tree Euonymous europaeus Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
26.0' 7.92m Chinese fringetree Chionanthus retusus Atlanta Botanical Garden, GA Dickerson
26.0' 7.92m Chinese prickly-ash Zanthoxylum simulans Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
25.8' 7.86m Cornelian cherry Cornus mas Wood Co, WV Sharp
25.8' 7.86m Oriental photinia Photinia villosa Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
25.5' 7.77m Japanese snowbell Styrax japonica Bullingford Gardens, NC Beduhn
25.1' 7.65m Tung tree Vernicia fordii Clemson Arboretum, SC Beduhn
24.8' 7.56m dove tree Davidia involucrata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
24.5' 7.46m vine maple Acer circinatum Durand-Eastman Pk, NY Whitcomb, Howard

23.2' 7.07m weeping Atlas cedar Cedrus atlantica pendula Clemson Botanical Garden, SC Beduhn
23.1' 7.04m Japanese cornel dogwood Cornus officinalis Bilrmore Estate, NC Beduhn
23.0' 7.01m Caucasian persimmon Diospyros lotus Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
22.8' 6.95m Woodsman magnolia Magnolia x brooklynensis Clemson Botanical Garden, SC Beduhn
21.6' 6.58m Panicle hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata Cooksburg, PA Luthringer
20.1' 6.12m yellow catalpa Catalpa ovata Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
20.0' 6.09m fleshy hawthorn Cretaegus macracantha Highland Pk, NY Whitcomb
19.0' 5.79m Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus Chase Creek Woods, MD Rucker
18.5' 5.63m black mulberry Morus nigra Beaver Lake NC, NY Whitcomb

13.6' 4.14m Japanese camellia Camellia japonica Airlie Gardens, NC Beduhn
13.2' 4.02m Kanjiro camellia Camellia heimalis Clemson Botanical Garden, SC Beduhn
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Re: Rucker Comparisons

Post by sjhalow » Wed Jul 15, 2020 5:41 pm

Hi Brian,

Thanks for doing all this great work. It is amazing to see so many sites with such impressive RHI numbers in one place. I'm particularly impressed with the recent work going on in New York and Ohio as well as what you guys are doing down in the southern appalachians. I've been actively measuring trees in SW PA and N WV for over 10 years, and I'll tell you, it's just impossible keep up with the kinds of numbers that are being posted on this board!

That being said, I have a few updates/submissions for WV and PA.

West Virginia

Eastern Hemlock 143.0' Cooper's Rock State Forest 4/16/2016 S. Halow
(I particularly wanted to mention this tree, as it puts WV on par with her neighbors)

Cheat Lake (2018, 2019) S. Halow
RHI10 135.80
RHI5 141.60

Tulip Poplar 158.5
Am Sycamore 143.0
Basswood 136.5
Black Cherry 135.5
Green Ash (dead EAB)134.5
Northern Red Oak 134.0
Bitternut Hickory 132.0
Pin Oak 130.0
Black Oak 127.0
White Oak 127.0


Black Cherry 143.0' Cook Forest, 12/16/2017, D. Luthringer (re-measure was 137.0 back in 2002)

Scarlet Oak 134.0' Ohiopyle State Park, 2/14/2016, S. Halow (re-measure was 132.0)

Ohiopyle State Park (D. Luthringer, B. Wallace, S.Halow)
RHI10 137.64
RHI5 142.10

Tulip Poplar 152.0
White Pine 141.5
Black Cherry 140.0
Am Basswood 139.0
White Ash 138.0
Eastern Hemlock 134.5
Northern Red Oak 134.4
Scarlet Oak 134.0
Am Sycamore 132.0
Am. Beech 131.0

I have one more PA site that does better than RHI10 130'

Friendship National Historic Site (S. Halow )
RHI10 132.0
RHI5 138.6

Tulip Poplar 149.5
White Pine 141.0
Am Sycamore 140.0
Northern Red Oak 133.0
Black Oak 129.5
Black Cherry 127.5
Am Beech 126.5
Eastern Hemlock 126.0
Pin Oak 124.0
Shagbark Hickory 123.0

And finally for the Eastern US Ruckers List.

Shingle Oak 109.0' Mingo Creek County Park, 12/8/2014 S. Halow

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