Tall oaks in the "Forêt de Bercé near Le Mans

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Re: Tall oaks in the "Forêt de Bercé near Le Mans

Post by Jeroen Philippona » Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:48 pm

Thanks Larry!

Indeed they are very tall, recently a French man measuring with laser and sine method, confirmed the second tallest oak I measured and found it even two feet taller: he measured it now in winter with leaves all off and got 48.1 m - 157.8 ft. The tallest I measured was 48.4 m - 158.8 ft, alas he did not visit that part of the forest. Till now this is the only location in Europe where we measured oaks above 150 feet tall.
As far as I know in the USA there are only one or a few Cherrybark oaks (Quercus pagoda) in Congaree measured a bit taller. The Tanoak in California is of a different genus.

In another forest in France famous for tall oaks, Forêt de Tronçais, I measured only up to 43.4 m - 142.4 ft; this oak is according to a plate in front of it 47.5 m - 155.8 ft. My measurement was not optimal because in summer, full in leaf.

We hope to go back to the Forêt de Bercé again to see if there are even oaks of 49 to 50 m (160.7 - 164 ft) as measured by the foresters.


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