Uneven aged silviculture

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Uneven aged silviculture

Post by gnmcmartin » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:11 pm


The topic "Potential Tall Trees" in "Europe and British Isles" got into forest management Issues. I was one of the "culprits" that carried this on. I described an uneven-aged management system I saw at the Fernow Experimental Forest in WV, and promised to look it up. With little difficulty, I found this:


Note that in the upper right is a link to the full article. This is a broad survey of the research done at Fernow, with reference to other studies. The individual tree selection system I referred to as the "Q" is included, but the research done at Fernow goes substantially beyond this. When I had the tour of the Fernow forest, I am sure I was shown other plots mentioned in this overall review article, and I am certain that included one of the diameter limit plots, and others, but it was the one that I referred to as the "Q" that most caught my attention, and I was given a copy of a research article on that system. Reading this more general review article, I see that my memory was accurate as to the methodology of this individual tree selection system I called "Q", but the summary in this article of the long-term results is interesting. The research is on-going.

Anyway, I hope some of you find this interesting, and maybe it will stimulate further discussion.


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