Somatic Natural History of North America

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Somatic Natural History of North America

Post by KarlCronin » Fri May 14, 2010 7:57 pm

Somatic Natural History of North America


Experiential Geography - a four evening performance suite
EXPERIENTIAL GEOGRAPHY is a journey deep inside KARL CRONIN's idiosyncratic research, presented with footnotes and nerdy flare. A mash-up of performance, natural history lecture, and cognitive science experiment, this is dance masquerading as a graduate seminar. Through movement, spoken word, and film, the beauty of our natural world is revealed one layer at a time

Experiential Geography 101: Fundamentals (60 mins)
Experiential Geography 201: Ecology (75 mins)
Experiential Geography 301: Representation (60 mins)
Advanced Topics in Experiential Geography (90 mins)

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