Artist's blue period puts focus on deforestation

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Artist's blue period puts focus on deforestation

Post by edfrank » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:15 am

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Artist's blue period puts focus on deforestation
Vancouver Biennale project gives trees in Lower Mainland a colourful wash
By Kevin Griffin, Vancouver Sun March 30, 2011

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Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos applies blue to one of 16 Japanese cherry trees at Port Moody's Civic Centre. The work of art aims to raise awareness of the planet losing its old-growth forests .
When people do a double take around the blue trees of Konstantin Dimopoulos, the Australian artist couldn't be happier.

And when they appear to get a bit angry and ask him pointedly why he's harming them, he loves that, too.

The reason is that a reaction means he's got their attention. Then Dimopoulos can explain why he's painting living trees an electric blue -and that no trees are harmed in the process.

It's all about raising awareness of deforestation around the world, whether it's the tropical forests of Thailand, the Amazon jungle in Brazil or the boreal forest in Canada.
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