Ukraine: Forests and Trees

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Ukraine: Forests and Trees

Post by edfrank » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:27 am

Ukraine: Forests and Trees (From the ENTS Website)

Forests and Forestry in Ukraine Nature Reserves in Ukraine

Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve ... in-forest/ The Yalta Mountain Forest Reserve was established in 1973, covering a large area of land ranging from the Aiya Cape, along the Black Sea coast, to the mountainous region called Ayu-Dag. The Yalta Mountain Reserve was first formed in an attempt to provide protection specifically to forest ecosystems that occur naturally in the mountains. These forests are usually made up of trees like the beech, oak, juniper, hornbeam and the Crimean pine.

PRIMEVAL BEECH FORESTS OF THE CARPATHIANS, SLOVAKIA / UKRAINE. ... n/1133.pdf 19 pages. The Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians is a transnational serial property comprising ten separate components (see Table 1). These components stretch along a 185 km axis from the Rakhiv Mountains and the Chornohirskyi Range in the Ukraine, west along the Polonynian Ridge (and across the national border), to the Bukovské Vrchy and Vihorlat Mountains in Slovakia. The nominated properties are surrounded by buffer zones (not nominated) and ecological “connecting corridors” (also not nominated).

WWF Ukraine project leader wins Whitley Award for work in 'jungles' of Transcarpathia ... sID=103480
Ukrainian conservationist and WWF project leader Dr. Bohdan Prots has won the UK’s Whitley Award for conservation for his work identifying the hidden forest species in Eastern Europe’s little-known “jungles” of the Transcarpathia, in the western Ukraine...Flooded forests are now extremely rare in Europe and are among the most endangered habitats in the world. The flooded forests of Transcarpathia are an outstanding relic of the forests, which have been reduced to only a few patches. They are part of a larger landscape in the upper Tisza River Basin that is a priority for WWF's conservation activities in the region. The location of these forests, close to the western border of the former Soviet Union, has effectively restricted any large-scale investigation of their wildlife and sustainable use.

Carpathian montane forests (PA0504) ... _full.html The Carpathian Mountains form an arc across Central and Eastern Europe. It provides habitat for the largest populations in Europe of brown bear, wolf and lynx, as well as over one third of all European plant species. The mountains are a vital watershed for Central Europe, feeding the major rivers in the area. A bridge between Europe’s northern and southwestern forests, the range serves as a corridor for the dispersal of plants and animals throughout Europe.

Short Information about Ukraine and Forests. The total area of Ukrainian forest fund constitutes 10.8 mln.ha, 9,4 mln.ha of it is covered with forest. So the percentage of forest cover is 15.6% of a total territoryof Ukraine.
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