Green Lakes State Park 4/24/2011

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Green Lakes State Park 4/24/2011

Post by tomhoward » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:43 am


On this date (Easter Sunday) Jack Howard and I went to Green Lakes State Park to measure the tall trees of the Tuliptree Cathedral southwest of Round Lake. We also confirmed that the height of the tall White Pine at the south end of Green Lake is 120 ft. as measured 4/30/2010. Trees in the Tuliptree Cathedral were last measured with laser rangefinder by Bob Leverett on 5/4/2002. On 4/24/2011 I used the Nikon 550 Laser Rangefinder, which has trouble seeing through clutter near the bases of trees and through the dense lofty canopies of these towering trees, but I still got a large number of good heights. Some of these heights may be underestimated due to the difficulty of determining and hitting the exact high points of these broad crowned trees. The Tuliptrees here are the tallest trees yet measured in central NY and the tallest trees I’ve ever measured with the laser rangefinder; they are most likely the tallest Tuliptrees anywhere for so far north; Green Lakes is close to the northern limit of the species.

Trees measured 4/24/2011:
Height in feet first followed by dbh (when measured):

Tuliptree 135
Tuliptree 133 these 2 near Hemlock cored 11/17/2001 to 330 years old
Tuliptree 141 40” dbh balding bark toward view toward Round Lake
Tuliptree 138 slender tree cored by Bruce Kershner 5/4/2002 to 160 years old
Tuliptree 133
Tuliptree 141
Tuliptree 145 32.9” dbh near small Hemlock
Tuliptree 147 37.1” dbh near Hemlock tallest tree measured in central NY, possibly same tree that Bob Leverett measured 2002 as tallest at 144.7
Tuliptree 138 39.6” dbh next to above
Tuliptree 139 big tree across trail
Tuliptree 147 in hollow when seen from trail also tallest measured
Tuliptree 126 slender near bridge over stream

Bitternut Hickory 139 19” dbh next to tall Tuliptree, 135.6 ft. in 2002, at 139 ft. this tree could be tallest Bitternut Hickory in NY State.
Bitternut Hickory 130 slender
Bitternut Hickory 125

Sugar Maple 117
Sugar Maple 116 slender balding bark
Sugar Maple 105 average tall tree in forest across stream

Hemlock 108
Hemlock 131 45.3” dbh Onondaga County champion, possibly tallest Hemlock in NY State, possibly oldest tree in Onondaga County, est. over 450 years old (est. from 392 rings on smaller long dead stump, and est. age of 330 years on smaller Hemlock cored 11/17/2001 by Fred Breglia)
Hemlock 130 38.1” dbh next to champion just above
Hemlock 106 28.4” dbh next to biggest Sugar Maple
Hemlock 120 slender
Hemlock 113+ tree cored 11/17/2001 between 2 taller Tuliptrees, could not hit top but 113 ft. is well below highest point, tree measured 116 ft. 2002

Basswood 111 across trail upslope
Basswood (?) 118 35.3” dbh across trail upslope, bark not quite like Basswood but branch pattern looks like Basswood
Basswood 106 near biggest Sugar Maple

Due to clutter conditions I was not able to get heights on the following in Tuliptree Cathedral:

Tuliptree 42.9” dbh near edge of stand – big and old
Tuliptree 48.8” dbh possibly largest Tuliptree in stand, log lodged against trunk

Sugar Maple 51.6” dbh, biggest in stand, one of largest in central NY, spiral grain, shaggy bark, leaning trunk, possibly 300-350 years old – Bob Leverett measured the tree to 117 ft. tall in 2002

Trees measured outside Tuliptree Cathedral:

Group of tall Tuliptrees on steep slope above southwest shore of Round Lake:
3 trees measured – 111, 109, 125

Group of Tuliptrees above northwest shore of Round Lake at trail break – tallest 116, 115

Basswood on trail between Round Lake and Green Lake – 101 ft.

A beautiful place with spring wildflowers starting to bloom, 2 meromictic lakes with unusual green-blue color; Round Lake was still as a mirror with the old growth forest on its shores reflected in the water, like a forest in an inverted sky.

Tom Howard

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Re: Green Lakes State Park 4/24/2011

Post by edfrank » Mon May 02, 2011 3:19 pm


Again a fantastic job of documenting trees in that neck of the woods. I hope I can make it up there sometime this summer.

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