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What is God or Nature trying to tell Me?_A Dream.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 1:01 pm
by James Parton

After my wife left this morning I went back to sleep and this dream came over me.

I remember walking along a trail on the side of a long ridge, it was summertime and all was green. I was accompanied by my wife, Joy. My dad, Jack. My sister, Becky, and who I think was Dee, a pretty 50ish woman who works at my place of employment, GE, was with us.

I remember looking down into the shallow valley and noticing some nice white pines, I remember thinking of ENTS and Bob Leverett. However I noticed some white pines that were scattered among the other green trees were dead or dying. It reminded me of the mass hemlock deaths so common here in the Southern Appalachians.

Hiking down into the valley we reach a small clearing where we reach some golf carts with small trailers attached to them. We climbed aboard one and I drove up a small road ascending a hill. Upon reaching the top we reach a beautiful homestead on a hilltop where an older couple lived. They are friendly but I had never met them before.

I go into one of the small, but very cozy buildings and find it decorated in a very old-fashoned style. I don't think it even had electric power. I sat down and looked out the window at the beautiful vivid green countryside. I could feel the presence of nature. The very energy of it. I could feel the breeze and smell the air. I started weeping. Blinking my eyes I opened them to see the same place, the same scene but in the autumn. The leaves were a brilliant red, orange and yellow. The air cool and crisp. The elderly couple was sitting in their chairs outside. I was crying good by now.

It was at this time that my phone rang and woke me up. After answering the phone I realized my eyes were a bit wet and I layed back down wondering what the dream could possibly mean, if anything. It was quite vivid and is the third one within a year culminating in " My Memorial Shrine ". I think in the latter part of the dream I may have subliminally realized that in real life it was winter and the dream was my yearning for spring. But winter has gotten lately where it does not bother me so much so I don't know.

What could God or Mother Nature be trying to tell me? The dream certainly had nature at it's very focus.

Could my involvement with druidry have something to do with these vivid dreams? I had one besides this one two weeks ago concerning " I know who you are " also about nature. Then the ultra vivid one I had on " My Memorial Shrine " which was just before I found the druidic path when I was seeking a more spiritual path concerning nature, more than Christianity or ENTS alone could do. This dream, like the last one was short and simple. Any yes, I have had other dreams too but they are normal ones with no apparent significance or feelings. Ones like this one REALLY stand out.

I have attached three pictures to help you visualize the dream.

Opinions anyone?

Re: What is God or Nature trying to tell Me?_A Dream.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:48 pm
by edfrank

I think your studies in druidism have triggered these types of dreams. Perhaps they are affecting how you perceive the world or how you interact with it. The dreams are sorting out your new perspectives.
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Have you ever read much on lucid dreaming? There is an overview on Wikipedia: The idea would be if you could control what you are seeing in the dreams perhaps you could get a fuller understanding of what they are trying to tell you. Maybe you could explore what is happening to you more fully.
The first book to recognize the scientific potential of lucid dreams was Celia Green's 1968 study Lucid Dreams.[4] Green analyzed the main characteristics of such dreams, reviewing previously published literature on the subject and incorporating new data from subjects of her own. She concluded they were a category of experience quite distinct from ordinary dreams, and predicted that they would turn out to be associated with rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep). Green was also the first to link lucid dreams to the phenomenon of false awakenings.
Even though it has only come to the attention of the general public in the last few decades, lucid dreaming is not a modern discovery. A letter written by St. Augustine of Hippo in 415 AD refers to lucid dreaming. In the 8th century, Tibetan Buddhists and Bonpo were practicing a form of Dream Yoga held to maintain full waking consciousness while in the dream state.[24] This system is extensively discussed and explained in the book Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light. One of the important messages of the book is the distinction between the Dzogchen meditation of Awareness and Dream Yoga. The Dzogchen Awareness meditation has also been referred to by the terms Rigpa Awareness, Contemplation, and Presence. Awareness during the sleep and dream states is associated with the Dzogchen practice of natural light. This practice only achieves lucid dreams as a secondary effect—in contrast to Dream Yoga, which aims primarily at lucid dreaming. According to Buddhist teachers, the experience of lucidity helps us understand the unreality of phenomena, which would otherwise be overwhelming during dream or the death experience.
There are some short excerpts on this page from The Lucidity Institute that might be of interest to you:
This is a commercial site that want to sell you books and seminars, but is does have some online material to look at for free.

This is a forum for Lucid Dreaming. I have not signed up for it, but it might be worthwhile checking out also:


Re: What is God or Nature trying to tell Me?_A Dream.

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:51 pm
by James Parton

I tend to agree with you that my druidic studies may be having an effect on my subconcious and way of thinking. Maybe it makes me more perceptible to the spiritual side of things or maybe yet, just more aware of my feelings towards nature and towards myself.

Thank you for the information.