FIA-COLE vol-biomass calculator for American basswood

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FIA-COLE vol-biomass calculator for American basswood

Post by dbhguru » Mon Nov 02, 2020 8:49 am


For those who might want to go in the direction of volume, biomass, and carbon, attached is the workbook for American basswood.

The original workbook has 189 species, although not convenient to use and with limited volume returns. I have to extract a particular species and fit it into my expanded format. I've got that process down to about 15 minutes per species. If any of you are looking for a particular species, I may be able to supply it. So far, I've made 23 conversions.

Interestingly, the original workbook does not include either tuliptree or eastern hemlock. Their regression model for the volume of stem wood didn't meet the relative error criteria that they imposed. Oddly, Carolina hemlock made the list and can probably be substituted for eastern hemlock. I don't know what might be substituted for tuliptree. To work, the form of the surrogate must be close to the main tree, and the density of the wood must be very similar. It's possible that I could find substitutes in those two areas, but fitting them into the master model may not work. I don't know yet, but it is worth it to me to get a good statistical model for tuliptree.

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