FIA-COLE vol-biomass calculator for scarlet oak

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FIA-COLE vol-biomass calculator for scarlet oak

Post by dbhguru » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:28 pm


I continue adapting the FIA-COLE volume-biomass model to specific species. Please find attached a model for scarlet oak. If you want to calculate carbon from total above ground dry biomass, just multiply the amount in cell O2 by 0.5 to get carbon in lbs. If you want the CO2 equivalent, multiply the carbon in lbs by 3.664.

If the workbook looks intimidating, just remember that all you have to do to get answers is to enter DBH in inches and height in feet in cells G2 and H2 respectively. Read the total above ground volume in L38. Read just the trunk volume in L37. There's obviously a lot more going on in this worksheet, but cells G2 and H2 for input and L37, L38, and O2 for output offer a lot. I'm happy to provide more interpretation if asked.

We now have a powerful set of tools to bridge the gap from raw DBH and height measurements to volume and biomass. In addition to scarlet oak, I have developed workbooks for 23 other species. The volumes coming from this general model won't replace our direct measurement modeling, but in absence of that, the FIA-COLE series is sweet.

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