Canyon Comparisons

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Canyon Comparisons

Post by dbhguru » Sat Apr 18, 2020 11:58 am


For some measuring diversion, I've been looking at canyons on Google Earth with the intention of validating claims made by Internet posters about which is the biggest, deepest, etc. For extent, of course, the Grand Canyon wins, but one commonly reads that the deepest canyon in the contiguous United States is Hells Canyon on the border of Oregon and Idaho. The Snake River runs through Hells Canyon. A competing claim has been made for Kings Canyon, CA. People who confuse biggest versus deepest are inclined to cite the Grand Canyon. But other who can differentiate biggest from deepest, usually cite Hells Canyon. But how does one go about evaluation depth. There is, after all, maximum depth versus some kind of average. One can even factor in steepness. It's utter chaos out there, and enquiring minds need to know.

Soooo, I'm creating the Canyon Competitions project. I've started with Hells Canyon using the attached measurement plan. Once I work my way sufficiently down the canyon, I'll run some stats on the measured points. Then I'll turn my attention to Kings Canyon. I communicate regularly will my friend Don Bertolette on this. Anyone else care to join in the fun?

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