FIA-COLE volume model for Sequoias

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FIA-COLE volume model for Sequoias

Post by dbhguru » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:00 pm

Hi Ents,

I just put together a volume Excel workbook for the giant sequoia using the FIA-COLE model that utilizes the FIADB and the past work of Jenkins and Raile plus other sources. Please see the attachment. The FIA-COLE model understates the volumes of the huge trees. I don't know how large the sequoias in the FIADB are, but I expect nowhere near the largest trees.

You can plug in DBH in inches in cell G2 and total tree height in feet in cell H2 and see all the results. For General Sherman, the FIA-COLE trunk volume is 45,028 ft^3. I think the volume by the primary modelers is between 52,000 and 53,000 ft^3 for the bole. I'm unsure how the modelers define bole. I expect that they use the term interchangeable with trunk, which isn't the formal forestry definition. Nonetheless, I'm treating bole as equal to trunk.

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