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Remote Trigger Retrofit For Impulse200LR - Special Offer

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:33 pm
by M.W.Taylor
ENTS members who own the Impulse200LR or are soon to own one. See attached pictures. This is a remote trigger button I soldered into the data cable for T.J. Sharp's Impulse200LR. It allows triggering the laser without pressing the fire button. The simple act of pressing the laser fire button can move the unit a 1/2 degree or more. When used it will allows for much better accuracy and also increase laser sensitivity and distance. It lets the laser lock on to weak targets better and gives much better consistency and accuracy with the vertical angle.

This part is essential for getting the most out of your Impulse200LR. It will make it possible to get 2cm accuracy if used with a prism pole survey.

I will retrofit this at my cost of $10 for any ENTS member who bought one of my Impulse200LR or from Amcopel on Ebay. $5 is for the button and $5 to ship back to you.

Laser Tech charges $100 for this triggering cable. While their cable looks nicer, my DYI version is just as effective.

I want to help ENTS members get as accurate measurements as possible with this inexpensive upgrade.