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FYI of use to lidar users?

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:01 pm
by Lucas ... 120839.htm

"Dr Orengo believes that the new method has many uses outside the realm of archaeology. He commented, "The application of MSRM can also be beneficial to all other research fields aiming to interpret small terrain differences. We have made the code open access in the paper with the hope that others will be able to use it for their own interests, and also evaluate and improve it.""

Also of note? ... e4a0e2d213

"So you need to have LiDAR systems, vision systems, for the cars that are 50 times better than the ones that are currently being tried. After receiving the Thiel Fellowship, as well as money from the Thiel-backed 1517 Fund, Russell took Luminar into stealth mode. Starting from scratch, he created a 50-fold better system, which is based on new frequencies, innovative hybrid-chip technology and rastering lasers."

Re: FYI of use to lidar users?

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:30 pm
by M.W.Taylor
I wonder what the cost of these systems would be ? Probably well beyond the range of the average consumer. I looked into buying LiDAR scanners for ground based use to measure tree trunks and they were ridiculously expensive. Alternatively I found using photographs and the structure from motion algorithm an effective approach to creating surface point clouds of tree trunks for volume determination. Photographic sequences of canopies are useful for creating LiDAR like point clouds which have even better ground penetration than laser scanners in some situations. These photographic based point clouds were sufficient for rasterization and height determination. With the airborne LiDAR scanner you need to register the GPS, pitch, roll and yaw of the scanner for each laser pulse. With photographs you need none of these parameters. Same with scanning a tree trunk. You need to use control points and register each position in space to get points around the back side of the trunk. With photographs you need to do none of this. You can use a $50 used Lumix Sz7 CMOS camera to get the photographs in sequence and free software.