How to deal with buttressed tropical trees

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Re: How to deal with buttressed tropical trees

Post by Don » Thu Jan 07, 2016 12:36 am

While my reticled binocular doesn't have the crisp gradations of the Vortex Solo, it does have a tripod mount, which is invaluable for measuring trees with buttressing. Modifying the Vortex Solo clip in a manner that WIll has is a great mod, and can be done inexpensively. I did a search on female tripod mount bracket and found a number of possibilities (as Will suggests, some of them are to be found in larger photo supply stores, or online versions such as B & H Photo).
While a current valuable purpose is served by the reticled monocular (modeling), I propose it to be essential in future measurements of non-standard tree forms.
The good thing about the can get the lightest tripods out there, and they'll generally be stable enough to make good use of them!

ElijahW wrote:Hey, Will, cool tree. The only species I've seen that come to mind with that kind of buttressing in the eastern US are elms and cypress. Will we hear more about this trip?

I bought a Solo Vortex R/T a few weeks ago, but have not used it on a tree yet. I've been reading a lot about how to figure trunk volume, and Bob's spreadsheets should help quite a bit. I can see why you like the Vortex; it feels great in-hand and is easy to focus.

Sorry to get off-topic, but I really enjoy seeing pictures of tropical trees. I've read all of Bart's posts, and look forward to anything new coming out of the South. Thanks,

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Re: How to deal with buttressed tropical trees

Post by Bart Bouricius » Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:04 pm


As Will Pointed out, trees with large buttresses often are remarkably thin between the buttresses. I want to point out that the middle tree image I posted with my friend Wennie standing in front of a fig with his Machete, has a hole clear through it above his head. It becomes clear when you click on and enlarge the image. This hole is not the result of an injury. This form is quite common in several unrelated buttressed species, though holes are more common closer to the ground.

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