An interesting situation...

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An interesting situation...

Post by Will Blozan » Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:29 am


I was in Florida two weeks ago and in an effort to retain sanity decided to look up an new state champion tree to visit and measure. As it turned out, I found a nomination for a loblolly-bay that crushes the current National Champion (which is a pathetic twin). Thus, it kind of turned into an unofficial National Cadre event.

With GPS coordinates in hand in the state park parking lot I got my gear together. I entered the outstanding (!) riverbank forest of live oak, pignut hickory, sweetgum, black cherry and slash pine with a huge diversity of other species. Problem was, the GPS coordinates were five miles away. I switched units and now 20 miles away. I could not get the coordinates to work and the species was present but not large by any means.

So here is the interesting part. The tree is listed as being 117' tall. That is likely impossible for the species and as such- was my main focus in visiting the tree. Since it was getting dark I decided instead to measure mean canopy height as a proxy for how reliable the height measurement could be. Well, I was not able to break much over 80' unless I measured the emergent slash pines (118'). Thus, it seems highly unlikely that the tree could be 117' tall, if indeed it was in this park as listed.

As we drove to the park discussing the tree and its stated height, my wife pretty much summed it up as we scanned across the canopy from a high bridge, "We should be able to see it from here".


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